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Stem and Leaf Plot Calculator

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Get an instant layout of stem leaf plot along with other basic statistical terms with the help of this free stem and leaf plot calculator. Yes, if you want to comprehend the calculations involved in the process, then you are just a couple of clicks away with the assistance of this stemplot maker. What you need to do here is to pay heed and understand the concept with us! Stay Focused!

What Exactly The Stem-And-Leaf Plot Is?

A particular representation of the data set in shrinked form is known as the stem and leaf plot. This statistical plot makes it possible for you to display the data set values in graphical charts for a better interpretation.

How To Read A Stem And Leaf Plot?

Before we move ahead, let it be clear that you have to understand a few terms that are related to this statistical analysis. So, let’s first discuss them:


The integer portion that you get after dividing a certain number by another one is known as the stem.

For example:

If you divide the number 45 by 10, you will get 4.5. In this result, the number 4 is the integer part and is called the stem.


It is the remainder value that you get after dividing a certain number by any other.

For example:

Just take the same numbers 45 and 10. As the division of these numbers gives you 4.5, the number 5 here is the remainder and is known as the leaf.

Stem And Leaf Plot Rules:

Following rules must be considered if you want to create stem and leaf plot:

Look For The Smallest And Largest Values:

First of all, you need to figure out the smallest and biggest figures that are present in the data set


In the data set given below: 22, 42, 3, 12, 434, 4, 3

Smallest value = 3

Largest value = 434

Pick up the stem numbers:

Here what you are supposed to do is to pick up the integer values or tens values.


Consider the following data: 3, 44, 23, 42, 1, 3 In this set of values, the stem are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

PIck up the leaf numbers:

After stem numbers, it’s time to pick up the leaf numbers.


Consider the same data set as above: 3, 44, 23, 42, 1, 3 The leaf numbers here are 1, 3, 3, 3, 2, 4 The free stem and leaf plot calculator goes for providing you with a well-sorted table graph of stem and leaf values in a very less time than you think.

Other Precious Parameters From Stem Leaf Plot:

Stem and leaf displays are very useful in organizing all numbers in a sorted way. And once they are sorted, you can determine the following statistical terms too:


In statistics, the range is the difference among the smallest and the largest values. So here we have the statistical terms a follows:

Range = Largest Value - Smallest Value


Simply put, the average value of a data set is referred to as its mean.


Mode represents the number that repeats itself within a particular data set layout.


In a sorted list of numbers, the middle value corresponds to the median. We have another calculator that can help you determine all of these parameters separately with step by step calculations involved.

Standard Deviation:

The actual variation of the data set from the mean position is known as the standard deviation. Now you could also commence our best standard deviation calculator to determine this particular analysis in proper detail.


Variance corresponds to the dispersion of data set values. If you are interested to know more about this term, tap the variance calculator.

How To Make A Stem And Leaf Plot?

Let’s resolve a proper example to understand the concept under discussion!

Example # 01:

Make a stem-plot representation of the data set given as follows: 25, 32, 46, 11, 51, 39, 45, 32, 17, 30


The most fast and reliable way of getting accurate results is by using our stem and leaf plot maker. But we will be considering the manual calculations here too. Let’s move forward!

Step # 01:

Here we will be focusing on the tens number for stem column that are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Step # 02:

Now, it’s the time to look for the leaf values which are as follows in the given data set of values:

Against tens (1) = 1 and 7

Against twenties (2) = 5

Against thirties (3) = 0, 2, 2, and 9

Against forties (4) = 5 and 6

Against fifties (5) = 1

So the step and leaf graph is as under:



1, 7



0, 2, 29


5, 6


To get immediate results with utmost accuracy, you can subject to the best stem and leaf plot generator

How Stem And Leaf Plot Calculator Works?

This free stem plot maker takes a couple of seconds in determining the statistical graph along with various other terms involved. Let’s find how!


  • Enter the data set numbers separated by commas in the designated box
  • Tap the calculate button

Output: The free stem and leaf calculator does the following operations on distribution table of numbers:

  • Figure out stem and leaf numbers and arrange them into sorted graphical form
  • Calculate mean, mode, smallest and greatest number, standard deviation, variance and range of the given data set of values


Why do we use stem-leaf plots?

The main reason behind using this statistical technique is to understand the dispersion of data properly, which could also be done by the use of free stem and leaf plot calculator.

What is the advantage of stem leaf plots over histograms?

Stem-and-leaf plots contain original data set values that can not be represented using histograms.

How stem and leaf plots resemble a dot plot?

Both dot plot and stem-leaf plot are used to show the distribution shape of the data.

Can you skip numbers in stem and leaf plots?

No, not at all! The stem represents the numbers before getting finalised. Whereas, the leaf numbers show the final numbers. So skipping any of the numbers will disturb the whole layout of the data set.


Stem-leaf plots allow a reader to instantly understand how a data set has been sorted statistically. Also they are very handy in finding outliers if any and many other important terms. This is why our best stem and leaf plot calculator provides you with immediate analysis of the data set and arrangement of the stem-leaf plot.


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