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Raw Score Calculator

Raw Score Calculator

Enter the Z score, population mean and standard deviation in the raw score calculator to figure out the relative raw score values.

Population Mean (μ)

Standard Deviation(σ)



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The raw score calculator calculates the raw score value from the z-score, mean value, and standard deviation. The raw score is the actual score of a statistical value.

What Is a Raw Score?

A raw score is known to be the original score and it is not transformed into any statistical term. The raw score is denoted by the x-score of the dataset. The raw score and Z score are different numbers, but they represent the same information. You can convert the raw score to the Z score by the z score to the raw score calculator.

The raw score formula is given below:

Raw Score =  Mean + (Z Score) (Standard deviation)

X  = μ + Zσ


X = Raw Score

μ: Mean

z = Z Score Value

σ: Standard Deviation

How to Calculate Raw Score?

Let us resolve a couple of examples to clarify your concept in more depth!

Example 1:

Calculate the raw score for a housing price, the z score value in the 2.3 the average mean price of the houses in the area is $300,000 and the standard deviation is $20,000. 


x= µ + Zσ

The raw score of house = $300,000+ (2.3) ($2,0000)= $346,000

So the raw score for a housing price is $346,000.
The raw housing price in the area is $346,000, and the normal distribution of the raw price can calculate with the normal distribution raw scores calculator

Example 2:

Find the raw score in an exam, when the z score is 2.5, the average mean value of the test is 60 and the standard deviation is 5.


X = µ + Zσ

X = 60 + (2.5)(5)

X = 60 + 12.5

X = 72.5

The raw score is 72.5 in the exam and you can check the values of the data by the raw score calculator.

Working of Raw Score Calculator:

You can calculate the raw score values by the score calculator as:


  • Enter the z-score value
  • Enter the means, and standard deviation
  • Hit the calculate button


  • Raw score values 


How to Convert Raw Score into the Scaled Score?

When representing the raw score in the table, you need to convert the raw score into the scaled score. You can convert the raw values into the scale value by the raw score to scale score calculator.

The formula for converting the raw score into a scaled score is given below. 

scaled score = (raw score + 15) /2


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