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Percentile Rank Calculator

Percentile Rank Calculator

Input data set values, write percentile rank number, and select method. The calculator will try to calculate its percentile rank, with the steps shown.

Data set (values separated by commas, maximum 50 values):

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Make use of this free find percentile rank calculator that helps you in finding percentile rank of a particular data set of values.

Meanwhile, we will be taking you through the formulas and concept of percentile rank that will assist you to get a grip over this statistical term. Rest to fast your computations, this best percentile to rank calculator is the only option you are going to be left with.

So without wasting precious time, let’s move forward to it!

What Is Percentile Rank?

In statistics:

“The quantity that highlights the relation of a number with other contained in a data set is known as the percentile rank”

Apart from this, if you are interested in determining the relative position of a number in a data set in correspondence with other numbers, you are in dire need of using another percentile calculator.

What Do Percentile Ranks Mean?

Simply put, percentile ranks are metrics that statisticians calculate to score standardised tests or exams. You must keep in mind that the percentile ranks do not always inform about the assessment scores. Percentile rank always indicates a score between 0 and 100 as an item’s rank.

Percentile Rank Formula:

You can easily calculate this statistical quantity for a test score by employing a couple of equations as under:

$$ \text{percentile rank = } (\frac{L}{N})(100) $$


L = Numbers or values that are less than or equal to the number selected

N = total number of values in the data set

Or you may also write it as follows:

$$ PR = \left ( \frac{L \kern.4em – \kern.4em 0.5 \times S}{N} \right ) \times 100 $$


S = Number of data set values that are equal to the interest values

Our percentile rank calculator also makes use of these percentile rank formulas to perform calculations.

How to Find Percentile Rank?

Let’s get down to the example that is specially solved to make your mind clearer about the concept under vision!

Example # 01:

Five students appeared in an aptitude test with the scores given as follows:

45, 23, 51, 24, 66

How to calculate percentile rank for score 51?


We are given that:

Number of students = 45, 23, 51, 24, 66

Now at first, we will arrange the number in ascending order:

23, 24, 45, 51, 66

As there are 3 scores that are less than the selected score 51, so we have:

L = 3

N = 5

Calculating percentile rank by using the formula:

$$ PR = \left ( \frac{L}{N} \right ) \times 100 $$

$$ PR = \left ( \frac{3}{5} \right ) \times 100 $$

$$ PR = 0.6 \times 100 $$

$$ PR = 60% $$

So the percentile rank of the number 51 is 60% that you can also verify by using this free class rank calculator percentile.

How Percentile Rank Calculator Works?

Now it’s time to learn the usage of this free class rank calculator percentile to calculate percentile rank instantly and accurately.


  • Enter the data set values separated by commas in the designated box
  • After that, enter the number for which you wish to calculate percentile rank
  • From the last drop-down list, select the method of calculator and hit the calculate button


The free percentile ranking calculator determines the following results:

  • Rank of the percentile
  • Displays step by step calculations


What is a good percentile rank?

According to the National Percentile rank score, a percentile rank of about 60 or more is considered good.

What does a percentile rank of 1 mean?

A percentile rank of 1 means that you need to divide the score set into 100 equal parts. Now:

  • There will be no zero percentile rank
  • Your minimum score would be listed within 1% of the data set
  • The highest score will be listed among 99% of the data set
  • There would never be a 100% percentile as you can never be able to beat your own percentile score
  • Here to avoid confusion, you may utilise our best find percentile rank calculator as well

How important is percentile rank use in the interpretation of figures or numbers?

Basically, the percentile ranks do let you know what is the relation of the number selected with the data set of values.


Everytime when you look forward to preparing grading sheets, you have to present the data in percentile rank formats. The percentile ranks are very crucial in understanding a student’s performance compared to others’ capabilities. And when there are a lot of students, our free percentile rank calculator is the best option that will always help you to calculate ranks of the pupils’ performances immediately.


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