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P Value Calculator

P Value Calculator

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The p value calculator helps you in calculating p-value from Z score, T score, F statistic, correlation coefficient (R), or chi-square value through various statistical methods.

What is P-Value?

In statistics, the P value is actually the probability of finding the most extreme outcomes when the null hypothesis that is supposed is true.

We cannot define the P value in terms of direct probability of a state.

Null Hypothesis (H0):

A condition in which we suppose that there is no difference between the observed value and the expected value of data is termed a null hypothesis.

Alternative Hypothesis (H1):

If we accept any considerable change in the population after analysis, then we are supposed to adopt the alternative hypothesis that supports any variance in the data.

How to Calculate P Value?

As discussed before, we can approach different methods to find p value that uses different p value formula to compute the results. Theses include:

P value from Chi Square (X2):

A chi square test is basically a statistical hypothesis test that is used to calculate p value. With the help of chi square test, you can fetch the basic theme of whether there is a statistically significant difference among expected and observed values of frequencies. If you want to know more about a chi square test and finding p value using this statistical method, you can approach our free p value from chi square calculator.

P value from Z Score:

A z score tells you about the fluctuating standard deviations from the mean state. The following p value formula from z score tells us how to find p value:

P value for two-tailed test = p value from z score table * 2
P value for left0tailed test = p value from z score table
P value for right-tailed test = 1 – p value from z score table

P value from T Score:

A t score is basically equivalent to that of the z score having some variation in concept. It also represents the phenomenon of standard deviation. The basic difference is a z score uses a mean of 0 while a t score uses the mean of 50. A p value from t score calculator assists you in calculating p value more precisely.

P value from F Score:

You can not find p value with the help of any p value formula for f score. However you can also use f score table to know how to find the p value.

How P-Value Calculator Works?

Apart from the manual calculations, an online p score calculator can be used to find the p value by adopting various statistical ways.


From the drop down menu, select one of the following method for statistical calculation:

  • Two-tailed p value
  • left -tailed p value
  • Right-tailed p value

After this, select the type of test from next list which is either:

  • Z – Score
  • T -Score
  • Chi Square Score
  • F – Score

Once you are done with the selection criteria,

  • Input values against all parameters defined for the specific method you chose
  • Click ‘calculate’


The calculator calculates either:

  • Left-tailed p value
  • Right-tailed p value
  • Two-tailed p value
  • Significance level for which the p value is statistically significant