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Diamond Problem Calculator

Write down any two numbers to calculate the rest of the two by using this diamond problem calculator.

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This diamond problem solver will let you do various mathematical problems in diamond layout. Want to know how? If yes, then it's time to move by! Stay focused!

What Is Diamond Problem In Mathematics?

In mathematics: “A particular method to resolve mathematical queries by filling up tetra fields is known as the diamond method” diamond method

Pattern of Diamond Problem:

In this pattern:
    • A = factor 1
  • B = factor 2
  • Product = the number got by multiplying both the factors
  • Sum= addition result of both the factors
Our best diamond calculator math will instantly resolve for each and every element involved in the diamond figure problem.

How To Do Diamond Problems?

When you try to resolve various diamond queries, you will come across three major sub categories. No doubt our diamond problem solver will allow you to simplify and generate answers without any hurdle. But it is also crucial to consider the manual calculations. So let’s go through these one by one:

Method # 01:

When Two Factors Are Provided:
Look at the figure above. What do you think you are being played with? Let us tell you. Here you are provided with a couple of factors with product and sum being unknown. So there are a couple methods to find these terms:
  • Using formulas:
Sum = Factor 1 + Factor 2 Product = Factor 1 * Factor 2
  • By using this online diamond calculator that displays immediate outputs of the the inputs being provided

Method # 02:

When product or sum plus one factor is provided:
Here arise two formulas which are enlisted as follows:
When sum and one factor is given:
Sum = Factor 1 + Factor 2 Factor 1 = Sum - Factor 2
When product and one factor is given:
Product = Factor 1 * Factor 2 Factor 1 = Product/Factor 2

Method # 03:

When only product and sum are given:
This is a little bit complicated. But do not worry as the free diamond problem calculator will assist you to resolve such problems in a good way. Anyways, coming to the point, consider the following scenario: Look at the above figure. You are only provided with a product. To determine the remaining parameters, you need to follow up the key points mentioned below:
  • Get going for determining the pairs that will result in the product number
  • Also, remember to take in consideration the negative number pairs
  • At last, add each pair to check which pair will give you the number equivalent to the sum given
In case of any complexity, let our online diamond problem solver resolve the issue in a blink of seconds.

How To Solve Diamond Problems?

Let’s help you people in getting a firm grip over the concept in depth by resolving the example below. What you need to do here is just to understand the calculations by being focused! Example # 01: Resolve the following diamond problem: Solution: Now here we have: Possible multiple pairs of 9: 3*3 9*1 -3*-3 -9*-1 Finding the sum of all pairs one by one: 3+3 = 6 9+1 = 10 -3+(-3) = -3-3 = -6 -9+(-1) = -9-1 = -10 Only the first pair gives you the sum that is given, so we have: Factor 1 = 3 Factor 2 = 3

How Diamond Problem Solver Works?

Go through the guide arranged below to understand the working of the diamond method calculator. Input:
  • You are provided with four fields in the input
  • What you need to do is just to fetch any two of these fields
  • After you do so, tap the calculate button
Output: The free diamond solver does the following reactions to your actions:
  • Determines the factors
  • Find the product of factors
  • Also display the sum of the factors
  • Moreover, you will also get detailed calculations of the problem


Is a diamond a square?

No doubt the definition is that if the diamond and square do match a lot, we can say square is actually a diamond as well.

What is diamond problem in C#?

The diamond problem is considered a phenomenon that arises when two classes originate from a single parent class. The fourth class is then obtained by the combinations of the previous two generated.

What is the Product and Sum if the factors are 3 and 4?

Sum = 3+4 Sum = 7 Product = 3*4 Product = 12 You can also cross check related diamond math problems by using this diamond math calculator.


Diamond problem is a trick to resolve many problems in mathematical analysis. Professionals and pupils make vast use of this technique to comprehend the issues arising during the computations. And rest as far as the fast and instant results are concerned, try using this best diamond problem solver absolutely for free.


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