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Employee Cost Calculator

The calculator will calculate the employee cost for certain duration with employee's hourly rate and number of hours being entered.


Note : Rate Can be Changed During a Year

Note : Rate Can't be Changed During a Year

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The employee cost calculator evaluates the semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily wages of employees. 

Why Calculate the Cost to Employer?

It is quite necessary for the employer to calculate the employee cost. The employer costs include the salary of employees, the additional expenses like medical, insurance, and extra allowances.  No matter whether you want to hire or calculate compensation for the employees, you can rely on fast and accurate answers with our employee cost calculator UK. This includes the gross salary and the extra benefits of the employees. It is quite essential to calculate employee costs for managing the financial cost of the organization. The cost of employees is calculated on the basis of per hour rate of employees. The employment cost calculator assists the employer to find the total cost it is going to bear to hire an employee.

How to Calculate Employer Costs?

Let's suppose the working hours per week are $40 and each employee costs $10 per hour. The extra benefits include $1000 per annum. Then find the cost of employment and the total employers cost for the whole year.


Employee’s Hourly Rate  = $100 Hours Worked per Week = 40 Benefits = $1000


Employee Cost = Employee’s Hourly Rate× 4.66484× Hours Worked× Month+ Extra Benefits Employee Cost = 10 ×4.66484 × 40 ×12+ 1000 Employee Cost per annum = $23391.23 The cost of employment calculator verifies the cost which an employer is bearing the labor cost for an employee per annum. The employee cost on the basis of semiannual, monthly, weekly, and daily basis is given in the following table.
Semi-annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Day
$ 11695.62 $ 5847.81 $ 1949.27 $ 449.83 $ 64.09
The cost of employment is $23391.23 per annum. You can estimate the employee cost by adding various additional benefits with the help of an employee cost calculator.

Working of Employee Cost Calculator:

Now learn how to use  the employer cost calculator in simple steps: Input:
  • Enter the per-hour rate 
  • Working hours, and months
  • Tab the calculate 
  • Annual employers cost
  • Semi-annual employers cost
  • Monthly employers cost
  • Weekly employer cost
  • Daily-employers cost


What are the Variables that May Impact Employee Costs? 

The variables for determining the cost of an employee are: 
  • The location
  • The industry
  • Market condition 
  • Company size
  • Turn over rate 
The employee costs calculator has added advanced features to support your recruitment and compensation planning.

What are the Costs of Employees for Recruiting?

The cost of employee recruitment is the recruiting software cost, job posting cost, and background checks for the job. The cost to employer calculator has the option to include the recruitment cost of the employee while finding the total cost of the employee. 

What are the Overheads of the Cost to Employer?

The overheads of the cost of employment include: 
  • The rent expense 
  • Utilities 
  • Office Supplies
  • Operating cost
 The overheads of the employer's cost are the major expense of the total cost of employment which are highlighted by the true cost of employee calculator uk.

What are the Additional Benefits of the Cost of an Employee?

The benefits of the employer cost include:
  • health insurance 
  • retirement 
  • Additional compensation plan 
Our cost of employee calculator calculates not only the employee’s salary or hourly rate. It also includes additional expenses such as benefits, taxes, and overhead costs

What is the Total Cost of an Employee?

The total cost of an employee is their total compensation plus any additional expenses which include the employer costs. Not only our employer costs calculator provides the true picture of financial burden,but also provides the future breakdown of cost to employer. 


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