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Long Multiplication Calculator

Long Multiplication Calculator

Write down your multiplicand and multiplier and the calculator will find their product, with detailed steps shown.




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Multiply two numbers by yourself with the assistance of this free long multiplication calculator with steps. So if you are entangled with a long product problem, the following read is the only possible solution to figure that out.

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What Is Long Multiplication?

In the context of arithmetic:

“The product of a large number (Multiplicand) by another large number (Multiplier) is called long multiplication”

How To Do Long Multiplication?

Doing long multiplication by hand actually lets you find the final product of larger numbers. And the algorithm includes the following steps:

  • Go for arranging the place values in columns so that the numbers are exactly placed over one another. A traditional practice involves the setting of numbers with more digits in the upper position

Note: The upper number is called the multiplicand while the lower one is termed as multiplier.

  • Now it’s time to start the product. Simply go for multiplying the ones number in the multiplier by ones number in the multiplicand
    Once you are done with it, go write the answer below the line. Keep in mind if the answer number is tens place value, write the ones number in below and takes the tens place value as a carry
  • Keep going through the same process from right to left and multiply the first number of multiplier with all digits of multiplicand, one by one
  • Once you are done with the ones number, it’s time to move on to the tens digit in multiplier. Now repeat the same process until and unless you are done with the multiplication of most right digit of multiplier with all digits of the multiplicand
  • Now once you complete the product, make a line below and simply add all columns one by one by starting from right to left. Remember this is the ordinary addition that you can also perform by using the free long addition calculator

As well here, you can let this long multiplication calculator with decimals do instant computations for any combination of multiplicand and multiplier.

How To Multiply Decimals?

Long multiplication with decimals involves a couple of more rules that are enlisted as under:

  • Multiplicand and multiplier both contain decimal digits. Now what you need to do here is to count the decimal places of both these numbers and count their sum
  • After that, go for writing the numbers without digits and find their product just as we have discussed for whole integers
  • At the end when you get the final answer, recall the decimal places count, start counting from right to left, and stop at the number where the counting ends. This is the place where you are supposed to put in the decimal point.

Here for instant and accurate computations, you are left with no choice but this free multiplying decimals calculator.

How To Long Multiply?

The best method to determine the increasing of numbers is the proper use of this step by step multiplication calculator with decimals. But as far as the complete understanding of the concept is concerned, you must go through the manual calculations as follows:

Example # 01:

Resolve the following long multiplication problem:

7633 x 65


Carry 2 3 1 1
Carry 1 3 1 1
7 6 3 3
x 6 5
+ 3 8 1 6 5
+ 4 5 7 9 8 x
= 4 9 6 1 4 5

Example # 02:

How to long multiplication with decimals given as follows:

22.3 x 2.5


Carry 2
Carry 1 1 1
2 2 3
x 2 5
+ 1 1 1 5
+ 4 4 6 x
= 5 5 7 5

As the number is 5575 and the decimal places count was 2, so the final answer is as follows:


For instance, this free partial products calculator will let you know how to multiply decimals without in terms of partial products.

How Long Multiplication Calculators Works?

Get going to learn how you could get instant products of short to long whole numbers or decimals by using this multiply calculator. Stay with it!


  • Input multiplicand and multiplier in their respective fields
  • Now hit the calculate button


The free multiplying calculator readily find product of two whole or decimal numerals


Who invented long multiplication?

Babylonians were who actually invented multiplication and recently mathematics has got a perfect grip over the concept. And to nullify any errors in product calculations, we have designed this free long multiplication calculator with steps.

What are the 4 strategies for multiplication?

Following are the 4 strategies use to cope the multiplication of numbers:

  • Array Formation
  • Repeated Addition
  • Doubling and Halving
  • Commutative Law

Let us code an interesting fact here. You could now increase numbers by using this multiplying calculator that employs all of these methods to determine the results in seconds and accurately.

What is the purpose of multiplying?

Shortly narrating, the multiplication gives us an estimation of the total number or quantity present. And the online long multiplication calculator with steps makes it possible even faster.


Multiplication makes you capable of tackling simple to complex mathematical, calculus, and programming queries. And to introduce more ease and fast calculations, you must employ this free multiply calculator.


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