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remainder Calculator

Quotient and Remainder Calculator

Put the dividend along divisor in the tool fileds, and the remainder calculator will divide them to evaluate the remainder and quotient.





Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient R Remainder

Example: 25 ÷ 7 = 3 R 4


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The remainder calculator helps you to divide any number and expresses the final results as a mixed number, where the whole number part represents the quotient and the fractional part represents the remainder.

Dividend, Divisor, Quotient, and Remainder:

  • The number we’re dividing is called the Dividend
  • The number that divides the dividend is known as the Divisor
  • The result of the division is known as the Quotient
  • The amount that is leftover after performing division operations is known as the Remainder

Remainder Formula:

The below equation holds the key to understanding how the four division operations interact. So follow the below formula:

remainder calculator ex

For the division of 30 ÷ 8

  • Divisor = 8
  • Dividend = 30
  • Remainder = 6
  • Quotient = 3

How to Calculate the Remainder?


Step # 1: Perform the Division:

Divide the dividend by the divisor. For Example you want to calculate 12 ÷ 4 = 3

Step # 2: Identify the Whole Number Part:

The whole number part of the result is the quotient. So, the whole part = 3.

Step # 3: Multiply the Divisor by the Quotient:

Multiply the divisor by the quotient. So, we get: 4 × 3 = 12

Step # 4: Subtract the Product:

Subtract the product obtained from the dividend to get remainder. 12 – 12 = 0

Step # 5: Express the Remainder:

The remainder is the amount left over after performing the division. So, remainder = 0.

Additional Queries:

What is meant by Long Division?

Long division is the method for dividing a large number (dividend) by a smaller number (divisor) to get a quotient and remainder. This process continues until the remainder is no longer divisible by the divisor.

What is the Remainder of 9602 Divided by 3?

The remainder is 2, for 9602 ÷ 3.

How do you Write a Remainder as a Fraction?

When you find out the remainder, as an alternative R simply write a fraction where the remainder is divided by the divisor. i.e, R / D

Example: 30/8 = 3(8/6)