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Split Bill Calculator

Add the total amount and the number of payers in the tool and the calculator will split the bill equally.


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The Split bill calculator enables the user to split the bill conveniently among the number of payers equally. This web-based utility simplifies the process of splitting the bill among friends and relatives.

With the help of a bill splitter, you can easily divide the expense of restaurant bills, taxi fare, flat rent, and much more easily and swiftly. Our free split money calculator requires you to add the number of people and ensures an accurate and fine splitting.

What Is a Split Payment?

Split payment refers to settling the payment of a bill, fare, or rent. It basically lowers the burden for everyone. A split bill calculator is very useful in this regard. As it allows the users to split the bill in a couple of seconds without requiring them to install an additional app on their smartphones.

How to Calculate a Split Bill?

For splitting the bill, divide the total amount of the bill by the number of people who are going to pay the bill.


Split bill = Total Bill/Number of payers

Instead of performing the calculation manually, you can simply get your smartphone out, go online, and perform the calculation precisely with the help of a money split calculator.


Let's assume you and your three friends had dinner at a good restaurant and the total bill amount is $560. Now how to Split Bill among all of them?


Given that:

Total Amount of the Bill = $560

Number of Payers = 4

By putting the values in the formula:

Split Bill = Total Bill Amount(₨)/Number Of Ways To Split The Bill  =$560 / 4=  $140

Each person will have to pay $140

Working of Split Bill Calculator:

Using our calculator requires no technical learning! Everything is so simple as you have to enter a couple of inputs and get your results straightaway!


  • Add the amount of the “bill” and the “total number of people” in the allocated fields
  • Tap on the “calculate” button


  • Split bill equally
  • Step-by-step calculation


How Do You Split Costs Between Roommates?

Go through the following steps to split costs between your roommates:

  • First of all, decide which expense will be shared
  • Sum the bills
  • Now access an online bill split calculator
  • Add the total amount and number of friends and know the amount that each person will have to pay

Is it Better to Split Payments or Pay in Full?

Paying in parts means you can reduce the total amount of interest. Meanwhile, splitting the payments is good for you. 

How You Should Split Rent When One Person Makes More?

The amount of the rent should be split according to the income of each person. The person who earns more should pay a little bit more than the other person to lower the burden. 

What are the Benefits of Split Pay?

There are a lot of benefits to splitting the payment with the help of a free split bill calculator. 

Let's take a look at them:

  • Provides a better payment experience
  • Lowers the Burden
  • Reduces the interest amount


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