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Taper Calculator

Taper Calculator

Simply add the values of the larger diameter, smaller diameter, and length into the online Taper Calculator and get the taper measure within seconds.


taper calculator

Major Diameter (Dl):


Minor Diameter (Ds):


Length Of Taper (Tl):


taper calculator

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Calculate the correct change in the diameter of a workpiece with the help of an online taper calculator to align all the machine parts quickly and precisely. Get 100% accurate results within seconds.

Taper Definition:

Taper means short or thin end. It is a gradual decrease in the thickness or width of an object or pipe. Meanwhile, you can say that it’s a uniform reduction in the diameter of an object. In general, it’s a section of the pipe in which diameter reduction occurs over the length. With the help of taper measure, you can easily set all the machine parts correctly.

Taper Formula:

To find out the correct taper value and the angle use the below-mentioned formula:

T = (Dl – Ds) / L

Taper Angle = arctan(0.5 x Taper)


  • T represents taper
  • Dl shows the larger diameter
  • Ds represent the smaller diameter of the pipe or object
  • TA is the taper angle
  • L shows the length

You can calculate taper manually with the help of this formula but if you want to calculate it instantly then utilize an online Taper Calculator.

How To Measure Taper?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to calculate taper accurately:

  • First of all, find out the larger and small diameter of the pipe
  • Measure the total length from the small diameter to the large diameter
  • Now put the values in the above-mentioned taper formulas to find the taper and the taper angle


Let’s assume the larger diameter of an object is 10 ft and the smaller diameter is 7 ft, the length between the larger and smaller diameter is 4 ft. Now perform the taper per foot calculation.


Given that:

Larger Diameter = Dl = 10 ft

Smaller diameter = Ds = 7 ft

Total length = 4 in.

Taper Ratio Formula = (dl – ds) / L

T = (10 -7) / 4 = 3 /4

Taper Ratio = 3:4

T = 0.75

Now as we know that 1 inch = 0.0833333ft

T = 0.75 x 0.0833333 = 0.625 ft

Now the taper angle:

TA = arctan(0.5 x Taper) = arctan(0.5 x 0.75)

TA = 20.556 degree

If you find it difficult to perform the taper length calculation, then get the assistance of an online taper per foot calculator. By using it, you just have to enter the measurements of diameters and the total length and it will provide you with the correct output swiftly.

Types of Taper:

Tapers are classified into three main types that are:

  • Class
  • Use
  • Size

Class Category Includes:

  • Self-Holding Taper
  • Quick Releasing Taper

Use Category Includes:

  • Internal Taper
  • External Taper

Size Category Includes:

  • Brown and Sharpe Taper
  • Metric Taper
  • Morse Taper
  • Jarno Taper
  • Standard Pin Taper
  • Jacobs Taper

Brown and Sharp Taper Table:

Size Lg. Dia. Sm. Dia. Length Taper (in/ft) Taper (in/in)
1 0.2392 0.2000 0.94 0.5020 0.04183
2 0.2997 0.2500 1.19 0.5020 0.04183
3 0.3753 0.3125 1.50 0.5020 0.04183
4 0.4207 0.3500 1.69 0.5024 0.04187
5 0.5388 0.4500 2.13 0.5016 0.04180
6 0.5996 0.5000 2.38 0.5033 0.04194
7 0.7201 0.6000 2.88 0.5010 0.04175
8 0.8987 0.7500 3.56 0.5010 0.04175
9 1.0775 0.9001 4.25 0.5009 0.04174
10 1.2597 1.0447 5.00 0.5161 0.04301
11 1.4978 1.2500 5.94 0.5010 0.04175
12 1.7968 1.5001 7.13 0.4997 0.04164
13 2.0731 1.7501 7.75 0.5002 0.04168
14 2.3438 2.0000 8.25 0.5000 0.04167
15 2.6146 2.2500 8.75 0.5000 0.04167
16 2.8854 2.5000 9.25 0.5000 0.04167
17 3.1563 2.7500 9.75 0.5000 0.04167
18 3.4271 3.0000 10.25 0.5000 0.04167

Working of Our Taper Calculator:

Our online taper angle calculator lets the users perform the calculation conveniently by just following a few steps. Let’s see how:


  • First of all, add the values of “major diameter”, “minor diameter” and the “length of the taper” in specified fields
  • Hit the “calculate” button and that’s all


  • Taper Length Calculation
  • Taper Angle Calculation


What Is The Use of Taper?

Taper is used for various purposes such as mounting drill bits into chucks, plug-in adaptors, tool holders etc.

What Does Taper 1 In 48 Mean?

The ratio 1:48 taper means that one end of the 4-foot rod will have a 1-inch smaller size diameter than the other end.

What Is The Taper Ratio?

The taper ratio is one of the important factors that is taken into consideration during the designing of the wing of an aircraft. It is the ratio of the root and tip.

Taper ratio formula = C tip / C root.


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