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Wet Bulb Calculator

Wet Bulb Calculator



Relative Humidity (%):

Globe thermometer Temp:(optional)



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The wet bulb calculator is an online calculator that works on the simple principle of the combined effect of temperature and relative humidity. Our body reacts differently as a result of the heat and the humidity, which is indicated due to the wet bulb effect.
We need to find the wet-bulb temperature as humans can’t bear the temperature exceeding 35 °C (95 °F). At this temperature, we need to drink a lot of water and try to get into the shade for our safety.

Keep reading to entirely understand why we need to find the wet-bulb temperature and even its effects on human health.

What is wet bulb Globe Temperature:

The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature(WBGT) is a measure of the heat stress in direct sunlight. We are adding more variables like humidity, wind speed, sun angle, and also cloud cover when defining the effect of WBGT. The wet bulb temperature calculator prepares us for how to encounter this kind of situation.

Why is WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) essential to measure?

When the heat and humidity reach a certain point, then there is nothing the body can do to cool it down. This process is called the Wet-bulb temperature and it can be dangerously fatal for the athletes and players to cool the temperature down. This combination of high heat and humidity can even be dangerous for the healthiest persons to die. It is essential to determine the WBGT temperature and measure it by a wet-bulb temperature calculator. Once you calculate wet bulb temp, it becomes easy to manage your activities.

There is a risk involved in doing work out at a certain level of WBGT. For example, when the temperature is between 88-89°F, our body shows signs of fatigue after 20 to 30 minutes. When working at 90 °F, then it can cause fatigue after 15 minutes of the workout routine.

This effect would be imminent, and you need to correct your workout routine accordingly. For accurate estimation, you simply have to stick with the best-wet bulb calculator online.

How to calculate Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?

 WBGT formula that is given below:

WBGT = (0.7 * Tw) + (0.2 * Tg) + (0.1 * T)

We measure wet bulb temperature today but it is important to understand the important variables:

T:Temperature in Celcius
Tg: Globe Thermometer Temperature (in Celsius)- This is measured by placing the thermometer in the special black globe to estimate the temperature without the effect of the radiation.
Tw: It is wet bulb Temperature

How Does the Wet Bulb Calculator Work?

The online wet bulb temperature calculator is designed within a simple way that comes with a few steps to perform particular temperature calculations:

  • First, you enter the dry temperature and the humidity level in the input field.
  • Select the temperature in any unit.
  • Enter the Globe thermometer in the field.(optional)
  • Press the Button to calculate


  • The wet bulb temp calculator calculates:
  • The result is shown on Celsius, Kelvin, or Fahrenheit scale.
  • An instruction appears along with the varying Wet bulb temperature.
  • It also represents the indoor and outdoor globe temperature.
  • Press the recalculate button to have another value.
  • It is quite convenient to find a relative temperature wet bulb globe temperature calculator.


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