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Dew Point Calculator

Dew Point Calculator

Select the parameter (dew point, temperature, or relative humidity) and enter the required parameters. The tool will immediately calculate its value.

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Estimate the highest possible temperature to which the dew is expected to form with this free online dew point calculator. Not only this, you can get the approximate relationship among the temperature, dew point, and relative humidity with the help of this humidity calculator.

Okay let us discuss a little more about the dew formation in the article below.

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What Is Dew Point?

“A particular temperature at which the vapours of water start condensing is known as the dew point”

dew point formation

Dew Point Calculation:

If you are looking forward to calculate dew point temperature or only humidity, then you should subject to the equation below (Magnus-Tetens formula ):

Ts = (bα(T,RH)) / (a – α(T,RH))

α(T,RH) = ln(RH/100) + aT/(b+T)

\(T_{s}\) = is the dew point of water vapours

RH = Relative humidity that is present in the air

T = Temperature of the atmosphere

a = 17.62 (Coefficient)

b = 243.12 (Coefficient)

The free dew point calculator works on the same parameters to estimate the dew formation chances at the given surroundings temperature.

Now you can clearly see from the above formula that you can not estimate dew point until or unless you determine the relative and absolute humidities. Let’s have a look at what these parameters are!

Relative Humidity:

It is the ratio of the current humidity to that of the maximum humidity that could occur at a certain temperature.


Subject to the expression below to determine the moisture that will further assist you in dew point calculations.

Relative Humidity = 100% * Current Absolute Humidity / Max Absolute Humidity

You can also calculate humidity by considering the ratio of the actual water pressure at the given temperature and the saturated water vapour pressure. This can be summarised as follows:

Relative Humidity = 100% * Pw / Pws

Absolute Humidity:

Regardless of the air temperature, the actual amount of water present in the air shows actual humidity.


Absolute humidity is expressed in grams per cubic metre and can be calculated by the following formula:

Absolute Humidity = m / V
m = Mass of the Water Vapour

V = Volume of Water Vapour and Air Mixture


A process by which the water vapours are turned back into liquid form is called condensation.


Condensation is the reverse process of evaporation.

Conditions For Condensation:

Basically, there exist only a couple of situations under which the condensation occurs. These include:

  • When the air is cooled enough so that it reaches its dew point
  • When air becomes unable to withhold water due to saturation with the water

Our best dew point calculator also approaches the condensation temperature to display the dew point immediately on your device’s screen. How does it sound?

Frost Point:

When air becomes saturated with the water over an icy surface, it creates frost. The temperature at which this happens is known as the frost point.

frost point

The frost point is just the same as the dew point but it is the formation of dew drops onto the surface of ice. As it happens at a certain temperature, the free dewpoint calculator can swiftly determine the temperature and lets you know about the weather conditions.

RH Calculation Chart:

Below is the relative humidity dew point chart that displays the mist and moisture level at various temperatures and can also be determined by using this free dew point humidity calculator.

Dew point

Relative humidity at 32 °C (90 °F)

Over 26 °C

Over 80 °F

73% and higher

24–26 °C 75–80 °F


21–24 °C

70–74 °F 52–61%
18–21 °C 65–69 °F


16–18 °C

60–64 °F 37–43%
13–16 °C 55–59 °F


10–12 °C

50–54 °F 26–30%
Under 10 °C Under 50 °F

25% and lower

Dew Point Applications:

You would not believe but our best dew point calculator can be very helpful in the following fields:


To avoid carburetor icing, it is very important to look for the moist and fog conditions outside. In case if proper check and balance is not maintained, it can cause many problems during flight.


In the field of agriculture, it is very crucial to maintain the humidity and avoid excess condensation. This is because it can lead to the leaves burning and destruction of the ecosystem as well.


The application of dew points in the technical field is of great importance. Various gases are generated and used by maintaining the humidity temperature under specific conditions.


If the dew point is not set at a certain optimum value, the sterilisation process will get disturbed. It will lead to the composition damage of various medicines.

You can subject to free dew point calculator to estimate the relative humidities that best fit all these situations.

Some Crucial Facts:

Lets get through the facts below to explore more about dew formation:

Normal Dew Formation:

As far as the verbal estimations are fulfilled, the dew is formed within the maximum range of 0.8mm/night. But more to know is that it never exceeds 0.5mm/night.

Arid Areas:

There are many counties or islands in the world where dew fall is the only source of water for the plants to grow.


This phenomenon creates confusion for many people. When plants get more than sufficient amount of water, the excess water comes out from the leaves tips and stays there. It seems as if these are dew droplets, but in actuality, they are not. These drops are enriched in potassium and sugars. This process is known as guttation.

Tolerable Dew Point Temperature:

What happens during summer when your body sweat evaporates? Do you feel cool? Yes, this is because evaporation causes cooling at the surface. Below here we have an arrangement that highlights the comfort levels for you against various dew temperatures:

Dew point

Comfort levels
<50°F (<10°C)

a bit dry for some

50 – 60°F

(10 – 16°C)

dry and comfortable
60 – 65°F

(16 – 18°C)

getting sticky

65 – 70°F

(18 – 21°C)

unpleasant, lots of moisture in the air


uncomfortable, oppressive, even dangerous above 75°F

You can also get to know about the comfortable humidity within your locality

How To Calculate Dew Point?

Various ways are out there for finding the humidity factors that may include subjecting to charts, dew point calculator, and many theoretical calculation expressions. Let’s resolve a couple examples here to clarify your concept.

Example # 01:

How to find dew point when the temperature and relative humidity of the ecosystem are 32°C and 77%?


Here we have:
Ts = (bα(T,RH)) / (a – α(T,RH))

As we know that:

a = 17.62 and b = 243.12

α(T,RH) = ln(RH/100) + aT/(b+T)

α(T,RH) = ln(77/100) + 17.62*32/(243.12+32)

α(T,RH) = ln(0.77) + 563.84/(275.12)

α(T,RH) = -0.2613 + 2.049

α(T,RH) = 1.7877

Performing dew point temperature calculations:

Ts = (243.12*1.7877) / (17.62 – 1.7877)

Ts = (434.625624) / (15.8323)

Ts = 27°C

Example # 02:

Determine the relative humidity when the absolute and maximum humidity are given as 34% and 56%?


Relative Humidity = 100% * Current Absolute Humidity / Max Absolute Humidity

Relative Humidity = 100% * 34 / 56

Relative Humidity = 100% * 0.6071

Relative Humidity = 60.71

How Dew Point Calculator Works?

This free dp calculator lets you observe the environmental conditions by comparing the combinations of humidity, temperature, and dew point. Let us have a look at its working!


  • At first, select you want to determine either “Temperature”, “Humidity”, or “Dew Point” from the top scroll down
  • After you make a selection of your choice, go for entering the parameters against it and and select the unit of temperature
  • After you are done with the stuff, hit the calculate button


The free humidity calculator estimates:

  • Dew Point
  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature of the environment


What do you mean by the dew point of 70?

If the dew point rises enough upto 70, it means that you will feel a significant increase in your body weight and the sensation of the temperature increases considerably.

What is the good dew point?

Generally, the dew points of 50s or lower than this are considered suitable when the summer days are going on. If it increases up to 60 or 65, it feels more humid than natural.

What happens if the dew point is higher than the temperature?

If the temperature of the dew point rises enough, the amount of the water vapours also increases considerably so that you can keep noticing with the help of free rh calculator. Also, the relative humidity goes increasing if the difference among the temperature and the dew point temperature gets decreased.

Does dew point affect breathing?

If it is cold outside, then the high dew point can severely damage your lungs. The cold and dry air can irritate and make your airways weak enough.

What is the highest dew point possible?

The highest dew point that could be possible is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also justify by the assistance of our dew point calculator.

At what dew point does it rain?

If the dew point becomes 60 or higher than that in the early morning, the chances of heavy rainfall are at peak.

Is humid air considered good for lungs?

If you inhale humid air, the nerves within your lungs get activated that narrow your airways. Because of humidity, the air becomes wet and contains pollutants that affect your respiratory system badly. Severe conditions can lead to asthma problems as well.

Which city has the highest relative humidity?

Among the biggest cities of the USA, New Orleans is the one with the greatest humidity with an average of 86 percent.

Can humidity be 0%?

No, it is impossible for the humidity level to become zero. Once the water gets involved with the air, it can be carried anywhere even in deserts. This is why the humidity can never be expected as zero.

What causes the dew point to rise?

It is the barometric pressure that affects the dew point. When it gets higher, the dew point increases as well. This means that the increasing pressure causes the mass of the water power unit of air to be reduced to maintain the dew point.


Dew points aids the meteorologists to examine the amount of moisture in the air. Also, it helps in predicting the weather conditions. This is why our best dew point calculator makes it possible to estimate dew point and relative humidity so the most accurate weather conditions could be forecasted.


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