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Relative Humidity Calculator

Relative Humidity Calculator

The calculator will calculate the relative humidity for values of temperature and dew point entered.



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The relative humidity calculator calculates the humidity level in the air based on temperature and dew point. It is essential for weather prediction and environmental monitoring.

What is Relative Humidity?

Relative Humidity is a measure of the amount and moisture content at a specific temperature and dew point.” 

Being a user, you need to find the RH in Celcius, Farehhite, or Kelvin scale. The RH Calculator allows the users to know the RH at a specific temperature unit.

How to Calculate Relative Humidity (RH)?

The dew point (Td), air temperature (T), and relative humidity (RH) are related to each other.  These variables are related by the Magnus-Tetens formula.

The relative humidity formula is:

\[ Td = \frac{a \cdot (\ln(RH/100) + \frac{b \cdot T}{c + T})}{a – (\ln(RH/100) + \frac{b \cdot T}{c + T})} \]


  • Td = Dew point 
  •  T =  Air temperature 
  • RH = Relative Humidity 
  • a, b, c = constants

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose on a specific day the air temperature is 25 and at a dew point of 25 Celsius. Then what is the Relative Humidity (RH)?


T = 25 °C

Dew point = 25 °C

The constants for water are:

\(A = 611.21 \, \text{Pa}\) 

\(B = 17.502\)

\(C = 240.97 °C\) at a  temperature of 25°C


The relative humidity equation is:

\[e = 611.21 \cdot \exp\left(\frac{17.502 \cdot 25}{25 + 240.97}\right)\]

Calculate \(e\):

Measure relative humidity by calculating “e”.

\[e \approx 611.21 \cdot \exp\left(\frac{437.55}{265.97}\right) \approx 611.21 \cdot 1.647 \approx 1004.6 \, \text{Pa}\]

Calculate the Saturation Vapor Pressure

 (\(e_s\)) at 25°C using the same formula but with a temperature of 25°C.

\[e_s = 611.21 \cdot \exp\left(\frac{17.502 \cdot 25}{25 + 240.97}\right)\]

Calculate \(e_s\):

\[e_s \approx 1004.6 \, \text{Pa}\]


The relative humidity is:

\[RH = \frac{e}{e_s} \times 100\]

Insert the values of  \(e\) and \(e_s):

\[RH = \frac{1004.6}{1004.6} \times 100 = 100\%\]

You can check the RH of the air at a specific temperature and pressure with our Relative Humidity Calculator. It will give you instant output that will allow you to analyze your manual calculations faster.

Working of Relative Humidity Calculator:

The temperature and moisture content are the basic while calculating the RH by the relative humidity calculator. 

Let’s see how it works!

Input Parameters:

  • Temperature 
  •  Dew point

Ouput Result:

  • Relative Humidity


What is Humidity Definition?

Humidity is the measure of the amount of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature and pressure and the phenomenon is called the Wet bulb effect. Humidity is directly proportional to the amount of water. In the weather forecast, the humidity is referred to as the relative humidity

What is 100% Relative Humidity?

If the relative humidity is 100 percent then the dewpoint temperature and actual air temperature are the same.

What is the Ideal Relative Humidity for Health?

The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is somewhere between 30-50% humidity.

What Happens at 0% Humidity?

Given the Earth’s climate and weather conditions, it is impossible to have zero humidity. Water vapor is always present in the air or a trace of water is there.


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