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Bond Order Calculator

Enter the bonding and antibonding electrons in the tool and the calculator will find out the bonding order.

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Our bond order calculator uses the molecular orbital theory formula to calculate the bond order of diatomic species. The tool functions to display the bonding & anti-bonding electrons, they constitute the bond formed between atoms. Get steps involved in the calculations to understand the calculations.

What is Bond Order in Chemistry?

“The bond order is the number of bonded electron pairs between two atoms” The bond order is the main reason for the stability of a molecule or ion. The higher the bond order, the stronger the bond energy would be. For diatomic molecules like hydrogen and oxygen, the more significant bond order means the shorter bond length. The bond order calculator calculates the binding force between the atoms and explains how stable the molecules are, as the higher-order binding force means higher bonding order.

How to Calculate Bond Order?

The Bonding order can be derived by the difference in the number of electrons in the bonding orbitals and antibonding orbitals and by dividing the answer by 2. The bond order formula is given below: Bond Order = (Number of bonding electrons - Number of antibonding electrons) / 2

Practical Example:

Let's suppose the bonding electrons in a molecule are “10” and antibonding electrons are 6. Then what is the bond order of the molecule?


Bonding Electrons (Be) = 10 Antibonding Electrons (Ae) = 6


The bond order equation can be written as: Bond order formula= 1/2 * (Be - Ae) Bo = 0.5 * (10 - 6) Bo = 2

Working of Bond Order Calculator:

The simple procedure of the bond order calculator is straightforward and given below.  Let’s see how? Input:
  • Enter the bonding and antibonding electron 
  • Tap the Calculate
  • Bond order 
  • Step-by-step calculation

Bonding Order of Various Elements:

Species (molecule or ion) Total number of bonding electrons Total number of anti-bonding electrons Bond order
Hydrogen (H2) 2 0 1
Oxygen (O2) 10 6 2
Fluorine (F2) 10 8 1
Dicarbon (C2) 8 4 2
Diboron (B2) 6 4 1
Dilithium (Li2) 2 0 1
Diberyllium (Be2) 4 4 0
Cyanide (CN) 10 4 3


What is Bond Order CH4?

The bond order of methane is 4. There are 4 free electrons of carbon making covalent bonds with each hydrogen atom. 


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