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Measure the engagement level and optimize your marketing strategies by tracking click-through rates with this online calculator.

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This CTR calculator measures the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign and determines the percentage of clicks on ads compared to the impressions. A high click-through rate shows that the ad is engaging with the audience and directing them to the website.

What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?

It is the metric that tells you actually how many people click on your ad or link after seeing it. In this way, the success of an advertisement can be gauged through measurement. For optimal advertising performance, a higher CTR is essential. Clicking on your ad shows the interest of people in your product or service and their potential to make a purchase.

What Is The Formula For CTR?

CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad. This online CTR calculator uses the following CTR formula: \(CTR = \frac{\text {Number of Clicks}}{\text {Number of Impressions}} \times 100 %\) For Example, if you had 5 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 5%.

How Do You Calculate CTR?

The click-through rate is calculated by how many times a user clicks on an ad or link and directs to the designated page. For calculating CTR, the number of clicks compared to the number of impressions. Calculator Online has a useful CTR calculator to figure out your click-through rate as well as determine the number of impressions and clicks required to reach a specific click rate.


Assume that you are running a Google Ads campaign, and your ad received 500 clicks from 10,000 impressions. Calculate the CTR (click through rate) of your ad by using our CTR Calculator.


Given Values:
  • Number of Clicks = 500
  • Number of Impressions = 10,000
\(CTR = \frac{\text {Number of Clicks}}{\text {Number of Impressions}} \times 100 %\) Substituting the given values in the CTR formula: \(CTR = \frac{500}{10,000} \times 100 %\) \(CTR = {0.05} \times 100 %\) \(CTR = \text {5%}\)

CTR For Various Platforms:

Platform Average CTR Range
Google Search 1% - 5%
Google Display 0.1% - 0.5%
Facebook Ads 0.5% - 1.5%
Instagram Ads 0.5% - 1.5%
Twitter Ads 0.5% - 1.5%
LinkedIn Ads 0.5% - 1.5%
Email Marketing 1% - 5%

Additional Queries:

Is a CTR of 3% Good?

The average CTR should fall between 3 to 5%. However, some companies consider it good and some have a higher CTR.

What Affects Your CTR?

  • Ad copy
  • Targeting
  • Ad format
  • Relevance
  • Competition
  • Ad placement
  • Landing page experience
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