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Cylinder Volume Calculator

Cylinder Volume Calculator

Enter the height and radius of the oblique and solid cylinder in the tool and it will calculate the cylinder volume.

Right/oblique full cylinder



Radius :


Hollow cylinder

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The cylinder volume calculator calculates the volume of the hollow and solid cylinders with precision. The tool produces sufficient information regarding the cylinder to occupy the cylinder relative to the volume of liquid.

What Is the Volume of a Cylinder?

The volume of the cylinder is the density that the material can occupy. The volume of the cylinder is essential to know the adjust the required volume of liquid in it. 

How To Find the Volume of a Cylinder?

There are two types of cylinders and you can find the volume by the formula:

Volume of a Solid Cylinder:

The volume of cylinder formula for the solid cylinder is:

 Volume = πr^2h


  π (pi) = approximately equal to 3.14159.

   r = radius of the base 

   h = height or length of the cylinder

Find the volume of a cylinder with the above-mentioned formula while calculating the volume of a solid cylinder. 

Volume of a Hollow Cylinder:

The cylinder volume formula for the hollow cylinder with a hole in the middle, essentially a tube can be evaluated as:

 Volume of the Outer Cylinder = π(R^2 – r^2)h


  •    R = outer radius of the cylinder 
  •    r is the inner radius of the cylinder
  •    h is the height or length of the cylinder

It is simple to calculate the volume of a hollow cylinder knowing the inner and outer radii along with its height. The cylinder volume calculator makes sure to select the right cylinder relative to the capacity of the substance. 

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose that you need to install an oblique (Solid) cylinder and a hollow cylinder The height of the oblique cylinder is 5 cm and the radius is 5 cm the height of the hollow cylinder is 5 and its external diameter is 15 cm and the internal diameter is 6 cm. Then find the volume of the cylinders and their respective dimensions.

Calculate the volume of a cylinder of the oblique cylinder as follows:


Height (h) = 5 cm

Radius (r) = 5 cm


Volume = π * (5 cm)^2 * 5 cm

Volume = π * 25 cm^2 * 5 cm

Volume = 125π cm^3

Volume = 125(3.14)cm^3

Volume = 392.5cm^3

So, the volume of the oblique cylinder is 1392.5 cm^3 cubic centimeters.

For the Hollow Cylinder:

Find the volume of a cylinder of hollow cylinder by the following procedure


Height (h) = 5 cm

External Diameter (D) = 15 cm 


Radius R = D/2

R = 15 cm / 2 = 7.5 cm

Internal Diameter (d) = 6 cm 

The inner radius r = d/2

 r = 6 cm / 2 = 3 cm

Now, calculate the volume of the hollow cylinder:

Volume = π * ((7.5 cm)^2 – (3 cm)^2) * 5 cm

Volume = π * (56.25 cm^2 – 9 cm^2) * 5 cm

Volume = π * (47.25 cm^2) * 5 cm

Volume = 236.25π cm^3

Volume = 236.25(3.14)cm^3

Volume = 741.825cm^3

So, the volume of the hollow cylinder is 741.825 cm^3 cubic centimeters. The cylinder volume formula is different for the oblique and hollow cylinders.

The cylinder volume calculator evaluates the result in the various units without any delay and conversion of one unit to another is simple.

Cylinder Volume Calculator and Calculation:

A volume of cylinder calculator provides several benefits, both for educational purposes and practical applications. Here are some of the key advantages:


Calculating the volume of a cylinder can involve complex mathematical formulas. A calculator ensures accurate results, reducing the risk of human error in manual calculations.


Calculating the volume of a cylinder manually can be time-consuming, especially for large or irregularly shaped cylinders. A calculator provides quick results, saving time and effort.

Educational Tool: 

The volume of cylinder calculators can be valuable tools for students and learners. They can help users understand the mathematical concepts behind cylinder volume calculations by providing immediate feedback and allowing for experimentation.


For professionals and individuals in various fields such as engineering, architecture, and construction, a calculator simplifies repetitive volume calculations, improving efficiency and productivity.


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