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Dilution Ratio Calculator

Dilution Ratio Calculator

Enter any two values and the tool will calculate the dilution ratio. Also you will get the volumes of solution, water, and concentrate solute.

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Dilution ratio


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The dilution ratio calculator will help you to calculate the dilution ratio of a solution. You can also get the final, concentrate, and water volume in a liquid solution. Get conversions among different related units as well.

Working of Dilution Ratio Calculator:

Our calculator is very straightforward to use! Let’s find out how!


  • From the given fields, enter any two in their respective fields
  • Tap Calculate


  • Dilution ratio
  • Water volume
  • Concentrate volume
  • Final volume
  • Results in other units of measurement

Dilution Calculator Formulas:

The calculator uses the following formulas to determine the dilution ratio and other related parameters:

Dilution Ratio = Solvent Ratio: Solute Ratio

Solute Volume = Final Volume / (Solvent Ratio + Solute Ratio)

Solvent Volume = Solute Volume × Solvent Ratio

How To Calculate Dilution Ratio?

Suppose you have a container of about 16 liters. In this container, you have mixed up concentrate and water in respective volumes of 0.34 liters and 0.66 liters. What would be the dilution ratio for the solution?


Here we have the dilution ratios calculate steps:

Dilution Ratio = Solvent/Solute: Final Volume

Dilution Ratio = 0.66/0.34: 1

Dilution Ratio = 1.941: 1

Which is the required dilution ratio. To verify the results, you may enter the given concentrations in this liquid dilution ratio calculator and get the final volume of liquid you may need to clean.

However, if you want to calculate the solvent concentration to prepare a defined solution of certain molarity, you can use another liquid dilution calculator for this task.

Important Dilution Ratio Parameters:

Our liquid ratio calculator uses the following parameters to calculate dilution ratios of a solution:

Solute Ratio Always equal to 1
Solvent Ratio Any number > 0
Final Volume Indicates the final diluted solution volume
Solute Volume Indicates the concentrated solute volume
Solvent Volume Indicates the diluted solvent volume


Is The Dilution Ratio The Same As The Dilution Factor?

No! Both terms are quite different but are often used interchangeably.

Where the dilution ratio is the simple dilution, the dilution factor is the ratio of concentrated solute at the start to the final dilution volume of the complete solution.

What Does 1% Solution Mean?

It is a solution that is prepared by mixing 1g of concentrated solute into the 100 mL total volume of the solution. Our liquid dilution ratio calculator will also let you know the dilution ratio of solute and solvent in such a condition.

Dilution Ratio Chart:

Dilution Ratio Ounces Per Gallon Percent
1:1 128 50%
1:2 64 33%
1:4 32 20%
1:6 21.3 14.3%
1:8 16 11.1%
1:10 12.8 9.1%
1:12 10.7 7.7%
1:16 8 5.8%
1:20 6.4 4.8%
1:24 5.3 4.0%
1:32 4 3.0%
1:40 3.2 2.4%
1:50 2.5 2.0%
1:64 2 1.5%
1:80 1.6 1.2%
1:96 1.3 1.0%
1:128 1 0.78%
1:170 0.75 0.58%
1:256 0.50 0.39%
1:512 0.25 0.19%


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