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Fundamental Counting Principle Calculator

Fundamental Counting Principle Calculator

Add the number of choices in the tool and the calculator will calculate the combination

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Develop all possible combinations for a specific problem with the help of the fundamental counting principle calculator. This is a useful way to avoid uncertainty in the event of an emergency.

Definition Fundamental Counting Principle:

“The fundamental counting principle permutations and combinations are used to find the possible alternative of a problem”.

The FPC stands for  Fundamental Counting Principle, you can generate the alternative by the fundamental counting calculator to find a solution.
Definition Fundamental Counting Principle

What is the Fundamental Counting Principle?

The fundamental counting principle is a process of generating the number of alternatives in a situation. In operation management, it is necessary to generate a number of alternatives to perform a task. There may be various situations or a problem that can be handled by the counting principles application.

Fundamental Counting Principle Formula:

Consider there are “n” ways of doing a certain job and “m” ways of doing the same job.  The fundamental counting principle formula is:

The multiplication principle for counting = n × m 

Fundamental Counting Principle Example:

A restaurant has 5 appetizers, 8 beverages, 9 sweets, and 6 desserts on the menu. Then use the counting principle to find the probability of various combinations of dishes.


The appetizers and a beverages permutation = appetizers *beverages

The appetizers and a beverages permutation =5*8=40

The beverage and a dessert permutation = beverage*dessert

The beverage and a dessert permutation=8*6=48

The beverage and a dessert and sweet permutation=beverage* dessert *sweet

The beverage and a dessert and sweet permutation=8*6*9= 432

The total combination are =  5 *8 * 9* 6 

The total combination =  2160

There can be other permutations and combinations of menus that can be generated by the fundamental counting calculator. The manager can use a combination of dishes to serve clients of various tastes.

Working of the Fundamental Counting Principle Calculator:

The combination is simple to find by fundamental counting calculator in simple steps:

Let’s see how!


  • Enter the number of choices of first, second, third option, and so on.
  • Tap Calculate 


  • Total number of permutations


Why Use the Counting Principle to Find the Probability?

The fundamental counting principle permutations and combinations are used to generate the alternatives to perform a job in different ways. The multiplication principle for counting provides an alternative to solving a problem.

What are Two Concepts of Counting Principles?

There are two concepts of the counting principle

  • Addition Principle
  • Multiplication Principle


From the source of Counting principle

From the source of Multiplication principle