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IT Ratio Calculator

IT Ratio Calculator

Enter Immature & Total Neutrophil Count and get your IT Ratio.

Immature Neutrophil

Total Neutrophil


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This IT ratio calculator will calculate the IT ratio with immature and total neutrophils being entered.

IT Ratio Formula:

Our I/T ratio calculator uses the following formula to calculate the ratio of immature to total neutrophils:

IT Ratio = IN/TN

How To Calculate IT Ratio?

If the immature and total neutrophil counts are 452 and 412, respectively, then what is the IT Ratio?


Using the IT ratio formula:

IT Ratio = IN/TN

IT Ratio = 452/412

IT Ratio = 1.0970

To verify the results, you may enter the given values in the IT ratio calculator and check its outcome.

Working of Our Calculator:

Let us guide you on how you can use this I to T ratio calculator!


  • Enter the Immature and Total Neutrophil count in their respective fields
  • Tap Calculate


  • IT Ratio


What Is a Normal IT Ratio In Newborns?

The normal IT ratio in newborns within the first 24 hours is expected to be 0.16 at its maximum. However, this value is reduced to 0.12 during the first 60 hours of the birth.

What Is a Normal IT Ratio?

The acceptable IT ratio is 0.2. If your IT ratio calculated by this IT ratio calculator is more than this number, you must consult a doctor at the very moment.


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