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NPS Calculator

Enter the promoters, passive and detractors scores in the online tool and the calculator will find the NPS score

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Manage the customer relationship management (CRM) on the basis of the promoters, passive, and detractor consumers with the NPS calculator. The NPS is the key KPI(Key Performance Indicator) for the businesses to know their market response.  

What Is NPS?

NPS stands for the net promoter score and is a metric to figure out the customer's experience program. NPS is the basic information required for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Basically, NPS measures the loyalty of a consumer to a brand product or service.   An NPS calculator online is useful for knowing the number of responses that are in favor of and against the product or service. The NPS ranges from -100 to +100, a higher score is desirable.

Groups of NPS:

It is easy to calculate net promoter score if you have an understanding of the following terms:

Promoters(Good Response): 

Number of clients who select a 9 or 10 rating, and these are the most satisfied clientage and have the highest loyalty for the brand. 

Passives(Neutral Response): 

Customers who have a 7 or 8 rating are relatively satisfied consumers but can move to competitors due to factors like price, new features, customer service, etc.

Detractors (Bad Response): 

Customers who select a rating between 0 - 6 and are the least content customers. These consumers are at the risk of leaving, and also of sharing their negative experiences with others.

Calculating NPS score is essential to know the brand positioning in the marketplace.

How to Calculate NPS?

Here is an NPS score example, Let's suppose the number of promoters' scorecards is 300. If the total neutral responses are 70 and bad responses (Passive) are 250. Then find the NPS calculation for a total number of responses of 620.


Good Responses (Promoter ?) = 300 

Neutral Responses (Passives ?)= 70

Bad Responses (Detractors ?) = 250

NPS score =?


Total Number of Responses:

Now first calculate the total number of responses.

Total Responses cards= Score 10 + Score 9 + Score 8 + Score 7 + Score 6 + Score 5 + Score 4 + Score 3 + Score 2 + Score 1 + Score 0

Total Responses scores= 100 + 200 + 30 + 40 + 50 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 + 50

Total Responses scores = 620

Good Responses, or (Promoter?):

Now Calculate the number of Good Responses, or (Promoter ?).

Good Responses or (Promoter ?) cards = Score 10 + Score 9

Good Responses or (Promoter ?)score = 100 + 200

Good Responses or (Promoter ?) score = 300

Neutral Responses (Passives ?)

The NPS calculation formula for Neutral Responses (Passives ?).

Neutral Responses  (Passives ?) card = Score 8 + Score 7

Neutral Responses  (Passives ?) score= 30 + 40

Neutral Responses(Passives ?) score = 70

Bad Responses (Detractors ?):

Now calculate the NPS scores Bad Responses (Detractors ?).

Bad Responses cards = Score 6 + Score 5 + Score 4 + Score 3 + Score 2 + Score 1 + Score 0

Bad Responses (Detractors ?) = 50 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 + 50

Bad Responses (Detractors ?) = 250

How to Calculate NPS?

Then calculate NPS divide the good responses by total responses and subtract the bad responses. Divide the answer by the total responses and multiply by 100.

Now the NPS formula is.

Net Promoter Score = [{Good Responses / Total Responses) - Bad Responses} / Total Response x 100]

Net Promoter Score = [(300 / 620 - 250 / 620) x 100]

Net Promoter Score = 8.0645

The NPS results that users are not totally satisfied with your product or services, try to improve it otherwise, the users will switch to competitors.

NPS Calculation Message!  

Improve your product immediately! ?

Pie Chart of NPS: 

The NPS Pi Chart reflects NPS score calculation, showing the Good Responses or (Promoter ?) are not better than commutative addition of  Passives ? and (Detractors ?)

The net promoter score calculation by the net promoter score calculator indicates that the brand needs improvement in its services. 

Pie Chart of NPS

On the contrary, the competitors can reach the satisfied consumers of the brand. This can be alarming for the survival of the brand.

Working of NPS Calculator:

Our net promoter score calculator is loaded with a simple interface that makes your calculations be done in seconds with a few inputs entered. These include:


  • Enter the promoter respondent 
  • Enter the Neutral respondent  
  • Enter the passive respondent 
  • Tap calculate 


  • NPS
  • Promoter 
  • Passives
  • Detractors 


What Is a High NPS Score?

The NPS score weightage is as follows:

  • > 0 is good
  • > 20 is great and 
  • > 50 is amazing. 
  • > 80 is the top percentile

Calculate net promoter score with the online NPS score calculator to know your brand satisfaction level relative to the consumer market.

Why Do We Calculate NPS?

NPS is a benchmarking tool to know the customer satisfaction level and its response to your product and service. It is difficult to know the NPS score without assistance of the NPS score calculator

What Is the Lowest NPS Score?

The lowest possible NPS score is (-100) indirectly indicating every customer is a detractor and you are almost out of competition. The NPS calculator online result indicates that the brand has lost its positioning in the market.

What is NPS in KPI?

The net promoter score in KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is essential for evaluating brand performance. NPS is used in marketing to measure the number of satisfied customers and the average degree of satisfaction.

How Can I Improve My NPS Score?

  • Provide an incentive even if feedback is negative
  • Do your research on the competition
  • Understand who your detractors and promoters are
  • Track your trends
  • Identifying root causes to improve NPS scores
  • Make it a top-down initiative

It is essential to calculate net promoter score with the NPS survey calculator and alter the business strategy accordingly.


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