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Rucking Calorie Calculator

Select the rucking activity and enter weight and time of rucking in the tool to find the rucking calories.


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The rucking calorie calculator makes sure how many calories does rucking burns relative to the weight carried and the distance covered. The calories burned rucking are different for various activities and ruck calculator guides to manage work activities.

What is Rucking?

Rucking is a form of walking or hiking and carrying a weight on your back. The rucking calories burned style has a military origin and the name came from the word rucksack. The rucksack is carrying weight on the back and rucking calories while carrying a heavy load.

Factors Affecting Rucking:

The factors affecting the calories burned rucking are:

  • Body weight
  • Distance covered
  • Weight of the backpack
  • The Terrain

The Goruck calorie calculator calculates the rucking calories for various task and their BRM equivalence 

The Rucking Calories Burned Formula:

Here's a simple formula to estimate rucking calories burned:

Calories Burned = (MET * weight in kg * duration in hours)


MET =  Metabolic Equivalent of Task

MET is the measure of the energy or the rucking calorie burn depending upon the physical activities. 

Normal MET value = 7-10

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose your weight is 70 kg, Ruck for 2 hours, and maintain a moderate pace on relatively flat terrain with a NET value of 7.5. Then how many calories does rucking burn?


MET = 7.5  Weight = 70 kg

Rucking Time = 2 hours


Calories Burned = (MET * weight in kg * duration in hours)

Calories Burned = (7.5 MET * 70 kg * 2 hours) 

Calories Burned  = 1,050 calories

These are just an estimate for more precise calories burned rucking, you can use the rucking calorie calculator for various activities 

The MET Values:

The rucking calories burned are relative to the MET values:

Light < 3.0 METs Moderate 3.0–6.0 METs Vigorous > 6.0 METs
Sitting at a desk: 1.3 Housework (cleaning, sweeping): 3.5 Walking at a very brisk pace (4.5 mph): 6.3
Sitting, playing cards: 1.5 Weight training (lighter weights): 3.5 Bicycling 12–14 mph (flat terrain): 8
Standing at a desk: 1.8 Golf (walking, pulling clubs): 4.3 Circuit training (minimal rest): 8
Strolling at a slow pace: 2.0 Brisk walking (3.5–4 mph): 5 Singles tennis: 8
Washing dishes: 2.2 Weight training (heavier weights): 5 Shoveling, digging ditches: 8.5
Hatha yoga: 2.5 Yard work (mowing, moderate effort): 5 Competitive soccer: 10
Fishing (sitting): 2.5 Swimming laps (leisurely pace): 6 Running (7 mph): 11.5

The Calories Burned Rucking Table:

Now according to the US Army statistics, a person weighing 180 pounds (81.6 kg) person rucking at a pace of 15 minutes per mile (1.6 km) can expect the following rucking calories burned:

Distance 35 pounds 50 pounds 70 pounds
6 km/ 3.7 miles 680 calories 735 calories 820 calories
12.8 km/ 8 miles 1360 calories 1475 calories 1635 calories
19.3 km/ 12 miles 2040 calories 2210 calories 2455 calories

Do you want to know how many calories you burn? Give this Ruck March calorie calculator a try and get to know it exactly. 

Working of Rucking Calorie Calculator:

Our rucking calculator provides you with the best estimations of rucking calories burned. Let’s see how!


  • Choose the Activity 
  • Enter the weight and Rucking time 
  • Tap Calculate


  • Rucking calorie burn


Does Rucking Burn More Calories than Running and Is Superior to Running? 

Rucking imparts less stress on the joints of the lower body compared to running and burns equal rucking calories. It is better to gradually increase the weight of your rucksack to 35 pounds.

What is the Recommended Duration for Rucking? 

It is advisable to start with a manageable duration that aligns with your schedule and prior exercise experience. Gradually increase the ruck calories burned by 15–30 minutes and progressively extend the duration as your tolerance improves.

The Calories Burned Rucking vs. Walking:

The general rule, rucking burns 2x to 3x more calories than walking. For precise estimation of rucking calories burned try out the ruck march calorie calculator

Can Rucking Help Develop Abdominal Muscles?

Yes, of course! Rucking can engage your core muscles if you maintain proper form during the rucking activity. Then ruck calories burned can assist in maintaining lean and strong body muscles.


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