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Time of Flight Calculator

Time of Flight Calculator

Enter the projectile angle, initial height and velocity in the time of flight calculator and the tool will calculate the time of flight.

Angle of Launch (α)


Initial Height (h)


Initial Velocity (V)


Gravitational Acceleration



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The time of flight calculator calculates the time taken by an object to complete its projected flight till landing.

What is the Time of Flight?

The time of flight is the time taken to travel at a specific trajectory through the air. Launch angle and initial velocity determine the time of flight of an object.

You need to measure the distance, initial speed, and the launching angle to find the location of the object. Finding the initial projectile angle and velocity makes it possible to pinpoint an object at a particular moment. Initial angle and velocity respectively can be calculated by the air calculator. It can be quite interesting to know the height and how to find how long something is in the air. 

Time of Flight Formula:

The formula for the time of flight initial velocity and angle of the projection of flight:

The time of flight equation is given by:

$$ t = \dfrac{V_o sin(α) + \sqrt{(V_o sin(α))^2 + 2gh}}{g} $$


V_o = Intail Velocity

α = Angle of Projection

g = Gravitational Force

Projectile motion and time of flight are crucial to conduct a missile test as the location of the missile should be known at a given time. Our efficient ballistic time of flight calculator is specifically designed to know the projectile motion of a missile.


Let’s suppose the angle of projection of an object is 45 degrees, the initial height and velocity of the object are 5 m and 30 m/sec respectively. The gravitational pull is 9.80665 m/sec^2, then find how long an object is in the air.


V_o = 30 m/sec

α = 45 degrees

h = 5m

g = 9.80665 m/sec^2


\( t = \dfrac{V_o sin(α) + \sqrt{(V_o sin(α))^2 + 2gh}}{g}\)

Enter the values in the time flight equation, for simplification use the time of flight calculator.

\(t = \dfrac{30 \times sin(45) + \sqrt{(30 \times sin(45))^2 + 2 \times9.807\times5}}{9.807}\)

\( t = \dfrac{30 \times 0.7071 + \sqrt{(30 \times 0.7071)^2 + 2 \times9.807\times5}}{9.807}\) 

\(t = \dfrac{21.21 + \sqrt{548.0665}}{9.807}\) 

\( t = \dfrac{44.62}{9.807}\) 

\( \text{t = 4.55 sec}\) 

The time of flight of the object is 4.55 sec when checked by the projectile motion time calculator

Working of Time of Flight Calculator:

Operating our hang time calculator is quite as it requires the following input values to generate accurate results. 


  • Enter the angle of launch, initial velocity, and height of the object 
  • Hit the Calculate Button


  • Time of flight


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