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Tonnage Calculator

Tonnage Calculator

Use this user-friendly gravel tonnage calculator to describe the sizing of an HVAC system or how much a ship weighs in a unit weight per product.


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The tonnage calculator assists in the tonnage of aggregates required for specific areas and depths typically in the shipping and logistics industry. This online tool estimates the space or weight of a shipment, essential for planning and pricing.

What is Tonnage?

It is the capacity or size of aircraft, ship, or other vehicles measured in weight or volume is known as tonnage. In the context of shipping, it is also known as the total weight of a ship’s cargo and fuel.

How Gravel Tonnage Calculator Work?

There is a simple way to use the online gravel calculator tons. Just follow the below steps and insert the values.

Required Values:

  • Choose the type of material
  • Enter the unit weight in kg/m^3
  • Enter length, width, and depth
  • Provide data about the material cost
  • Tap on calculate

Results Summary:

  • Tonnage
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Weight Needed
  • Total Cost

Tonnage Formula:

\(W = V \times \gamma \times 0.001 , \text{tons} / \text{kg}\)

  • W = Tonnage of aggregates (in tons)
  • V = Aggregates’ volume (in cubic meters)
  • γ = Aggregates’ unit weight (in kilograms per cubic meter)

How Do You Calculate Tonnage?

To calculate the tonnage, typically you need to convert weight of products from pounds to tons. In the below section, there is an example that will clear your understanding of their calculation process.

Practical Example:

Let’s calculate the tonnage of a shipment weighing 4,500 pounds.


To determine the tonnage of the shipment, we’ll use the formula:

\(\text{Tonnage} = \frac{weight (in pounds)}{2000}\)

\(\text{Tonnage} = \frac{4500}{2000}\)

\(\text{Tonnage} = 2.25, \text{tons}\)

Additional Questions:

What Area Will 1 Ton of Gravel Cover?

100 square feet

The covered area by 1 ton depends on the depth of the gravel layer. As a roughly estimated 1 ton of gravel covers 100 square feet at a depth of 2 inches.

How Much HVAC Do I Need For 2,000 Square Feet?

Around 3 tons

Typically a 2,000-square-foot home will require about 3 tons of AC units.

How Many BTU Equals a Ton?

12,000 BTU

1 ton of cooling capacity is equivalent to 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour.

Tonnage For Different Materials:

Material Density (kg/m³) Volume (m³) Weight (metric tons)
Iron 7850 10 78.5
Aluminum 2700 5 13.5
Copper 8960 3 26.88
Steel 7850 8 62.8
Plastic 900 15 13.5
Wood 700 20 14
Concrete 2400 12 28.8
Glass 2500 4 10
Water 1000 30 30
Sand 1600 25 40
Car 1200 2.5 3,000
Truck 1000 6.0 6,000
Van 1100 4.1 4,500
SUV 1150 4.8 5,500
Motorcycle 300 1.3 400
Bicycle 100 0.3 30
Refrigerator 50 6.0 300
Washing Machine 70 2.9 200
Dryer 60 2.5 150
Television 20 2.5 50