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Average Speed Calculator

Enter the time and distance to get exact average speed for your car, bus, bicycle, truck, and any other automobile.

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The average speed calculator helps you to calculate the average speed of an automobile with distance and time being entered. Get your ride’s speed in other related units as well.

How To Find Average Speed?

To calculate the speed, you need to divide the average distance traveled within a certain duration of time. Mathematically; Average Speed = Distance / Time Or Average Speed = ΔS / Δt

How To Calculate Average Speed?

Suppose a car has covered a distance of about 20km in just 15 minutes. Calculating average speed as follows: Average Speed = ΔS / Δt Average Speed = 20km / 15min Average Speed = 1.33 m/s You can also verify the results by putting in the value so our average speed calculator for free. If your goal comes up with time and distance calculations as well, then you can use another speed distance time calculator.

Average Speed vs. Average Velocity:

Average Speed Average Velocity
It is a scalar It is a vector
Dependent on distance traveled Dependent on displacement traveled
Only tells magnitude Tells rate of change of speed

Working of Average Speed Calculator:

Our speed calculator makes your calculations quick and hassle-free. It requires a couple of inputs to calculate mph results that include: Input:
  • Enter the time in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Now fetch in the distance traveled and select its related unit
  • Tap Calculate
  • Average speed in multiple units of measurement


How Fast Am I Going?

If you are driving a car or any other automobile, then putting in distance and time in our average mph calculator will let you know how fast you are moving actually.

Why Is Average Velocity Less Than Average Speed?

It is due to the displacement which is always shorter or equal to distance and is counted for average velocity computation.

What Is The Most Economical Driving Speed?

In general, a speed up to 50 mph is considered an economical speed. However, if you are willing to calculate mph for your car, bus, bike, or truck, just provide the distance and time values in this average speed calculator to get the exact calculations for speed.

Can Google Maps Tell Me My Speed?

Yes, of course! Google Maps has an in-built speedometer that is active by default and only available on Android devices. But to accurately calculate mph, you must give this vehicle speed calculator a try.


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