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Bike Size Calculator

Bike Size Calculator

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The bike size calculator is used to estimate the size of your bike proportional to your measurements like the Inseam length, frame size and height.

The Bike Size:

Choosing the right bike frame size by height and style can be a challenging decision before going to the Biking Shop. You may have a hundred options to choose from. The frame size and shape also change corresponding to your lifestyle. There can be a lot of options like mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter rigs, electric bikes or even BMX/Cyclocross bikes.

The choice of the right size can be the difference between a good choice and a bad one. The bike sizing calculator can be a handy free online tool for measuring the biking size that matches your height and lifestyle. The bike frame size for height can be different for various age groups and genders. For adults calculate bicycle size according to their inseam size and arm length. For kids, you may need to calculate bike frame size proportional to the size and safety of the kids.

There are various variables to measure bicycle size for adults and for kids.

The Inseam Length and Bike Size:

The first thing to calculate bicycle size is the inseam length.  Then follow the steps

  •  By standing up tall with your bare feet against a wall. 
  • Hold a Ruler or Measuring Tape as far up inside your legs as possible. 
  • Now measure from the top rulers or the measuring tape to the floor

 The Inseam Length and Bike Size:

How Can We Calculate Bike Frame Size?

It is not wrong to say that, calculating the bike frame size is easy as most bike manufacturers calculate bike frame size from the center of the bracket (crank axle) to the top of the seat tube. The measurements can be done normally in common units like the mm, cm, inch, and feet, and the mountain bike size calculator calculates the bike size in this given unit.

On the other hand, to calculate bicycle sizes for kids first you need to measure the wheel size. The smaller wheel would allow the child’s legs to control the bike’s mobility. On the other hand, the smaller wheel would hinder their control when they are grown up. It can quite useful to decide the size of the frame of a bike by the bike frame size calculator for adults and kids.

How to Calculate Bike Frame Size?

How to Calculate Bicycle Size by Height?

It is better to find the bike frame size by height as it can critical for your measurements. Choosing the correct bike frame size for height makes it comfortable especially when you are on a long drive. The bike frame size by height proportionality provides better efficiency and better control of the bike.
How to Calculate Bicycle Size by Height?

Remember the bicycle frame size for height is crucial to select a bike matching your height and age. The bike size calculator for height makes it possible to select the precise height of a bike.
How to Calculate Bicycle Size by Height?

There are some considerations for selecting the height of the bike:

Rider Height (cm) Suggested Frame Size (cm)
147 – 152 147 – 48
152 – 158 49 – 51
158 – 163 51 – 52
163 – 168 52 – 53
168 – 173 53 – 54
173 – 178 173 – 178
178 – 183 56 – 58
183 – 188 58 – 60
188 – 193 60 – 62
193+ 62+

Working of Bike Size Calculator:

To avoid any confusion just, follow the instructions to use the mountain bike sizing calculator:


  • Select the Bike Size and the bike type in the respective field
  • Enter your height and inseam length in their fields
  • Hit the calculate Button


  • Rider’s Height and Inseam Length 
  • Frame Size of Bike and crank size of bike


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