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Dunk Calculator

Dunk Calculator

Input the required values into our vertical calculator & find how close you are to throwing down your first dunk along with hanging time, vertical leap, jumping energy, and Initial jumping speed.

Hoop type

Hoop height


Body mass


Gravitational acceleration


Palm size


Standing reach



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Our dunk calculator assesses the dunking potential by estimating the force needed to jump that high. To determine how much you need to jump to dunk a basketball, input their standing reach along hoop height and body mass into this vert calculator.

What is Dunk?

A dunk is a form of basketball shot that can be performed when a player takes a jump into air to keep the ball elevated above the horizontal plane of the rim and scores by exerting force with his hands to push the ball through the basketball.


How Can I Calculate My Dunking Height?

The following formula will help you to understand how to measure my standing reach for dunking.

Dunking Height = Standing Reach + Vertical Leap


  • Standing Reach: Against a wall stand with your back extend your arms and keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Vertical Leap: Perform a jump from the floor and mark the highest point that you touch against a wall. Measure that highest point and subtract your standing reach.

How High Do You Have To Jump To Dunk?

A 100cm vertical jump results in spending more than 50% of the hanging time above the 72cm threshold. Wingspan plays a crucial role in standing reach in dunking. This depends on the arms and jumping ability.

Some players have better jumping ability and can dunk with a lower vertical jump and some players with average jumping ability need to jump at least 24 inches from the ground.

How To Use Dunk Calculator?

Required Values:

  • Choose your Hoop type & palm size
  • Input your hoop height by setting their unit
  • Input your body mass with a suitable unit
  • Enter gravitational acceleration
  • Input your standing reach measurement with a unit
  • Click the “Calculate” button

Results Summary:

Our standing reach calculator will compute and display your estimated dunking height, indicating how high you need to jump to dunk a basketball. It also determines the minimum vertical leap, hang time, jumping energy, and initial jumping speed.

Additional Questions:

What’s The Minimum Height To Dunk?

With no training, the minimum height to dunk and no athleticism could potentially be achievable with a standing reach of about 7 feet.

How Much Force Do I Need To Dunk?

Against the ground, a force of 0 Newton adjusted for your weight to reach that speed, assuming you bent your knee at an angle of 60 degrees.

Can I Improve My Vertical Jump For Dunking?


You can enhance your vertical jump for dunking through targeted exercise and training programs.