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Efficiency Calculator

Efficiency Calculator

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The efficiency calculator will calculate the energy efficiency of a system or machine. With that, you may also get the values for the input and output powers of a physical system by using this calculator.

What Is Efficiency?

“The ratio of the output power to the input power of a system is called its efficiency”

Basically, efficiency defines how much a machine is capable of producing the required power. The term refers to the avoidance of any knocking in a machine, engine, or thermodynamic system.

Physics Efficiency Formula:

The following equation is considered ideal to judge the efficiency of a system:

\(η = \dfrac{E_{out}}{E_{in}} * 100%\)

As the above formulas depict that efficiency is always represented as the percentage of input and output powers. Our efficiency calculator also uses the same formula for efficiency calculations in seconds. It also permits you to enter the powers in multiple units to check relative values for efficiency.

How To Calculate Efficiency?

Whenever a certain input energy is provided in a system or machine, its major portion gets lost in the form of heat while keeping the remaining amount for the output energy production. This energy is basically the alternative to the work provided by the machine.

Let’s explore an example to make your concept crystal clear!


If a machine is given a supply energy of about 1000 Joules for which it produces the output work of about 469 Joules, then how to find efficiency of it?


Using efficiency formula physics:

\(η = \dfrac{E_{out}}{E_{in}} * 100%\)

\(η = \dfrac{469}{1000} * 100%\)

\(η = 0.469 * 100%\)

\(η = 46.9%\)

Working of Efficiency Calculator:

Calculating efficiency with our calculator is really quick! It requires simple steps to follow to generate instant results. These include:


  • First, select the parameter you want to calculate
  • Now enter the required values as per your selection
  • Tap Calculate


  • Efficiency of a system
  • Input & output powers


What Is The Unit of Efficiency?

Efficiency has no units as it is a dimensionless quantity. The reason is that the ratio of any two quantities is always unitless.

Can a Real Machine Have An Efficiency of 100%?

Not at all! 100% efficiency means the input power becomes exactly equal to the output power. And in real machines, it is a fact that some percentage of energy provided is always lost in the form of friction, noise, or heat. These factors change the efficiency of every other machine which can be calculated through our efficiency calculator.


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