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Convert Kilojoule to Millijoule (kJ to mJ)


kilojoule (kJ)




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Want to perform conversions between the well-known units of energy such as kilojoule (kJ) and millijoule (mJ), then you reached at the right spot. An online kilojoule to millijoule converter helps you to exchange reading in kilojoules (kJ) into the millijoules (mJ) as in an equivalent measurement result.

Some Basic Terms:

  • The SI prefix “kilo” in joules represents a factor of 103, or in exponential notation indicated as 1E3
  • So, 1 kilojoule = 103 joules
  • The SI prefix “milli” in joules represents a factor of 10-3, and in exponential notation, it indicated as 1E-3
  • So 1 millijoule = 10-3 joules.

The definition of a joule is as follows:

The joules is said to be as the SI unit of energy and work with symbol (J). It is named in the honor of the most famous physicist “James Prescott Joule.”

Well, here we decided to mention the standard conversion factor that helps you in every conversion process from kJ to millijoule.

Read on!

  • 1 kilojoule (kj) is equal to 1000000 millijoule (mJ)
  • 1 millijoule (mJ) is equal to 0.000001 kilojoule (kj)

Kilojoule to Millijoule Formula:

The formula for kilojoule to mJ is:

mJ = kJ * 1000000

How do you convert kilojoule to millijoule (kj to mJ)?

Convert with:

  • Online kJ to millijoule converter
  • Formula (the below example helps you)

Example of conversions between kilojoule and millijoule (kj and mJ):

Problem: Convert 12 kJ to millijoule?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • mJ = kJ * 1000000

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • mJ = 12 * 1000000

Step 3 (Result):

  • 12000000 millijoule

Means, 12 kilojoules (kj) is equal to 12000000 millijoule (mJ)

Kilojoules (kj) to millijoule (mJ) conversion table: