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Convert Centimeter to Inches (cm to in)


centimeter (cm)


inch (in)


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Cm to inches conversion becomes quite simpler with the ease of this converter. This online converter works efficiently to convert centimeters to inches measurement units. Don’t fret; this tool is fully loaded with a user-friendly interface as it provides you with real-time conversions.

If you aim to convert cm to inches by using the standard and simple formula, then we can helps to do so with example. Also, if you want to solve your assignments corresponding to such conversion, then simply take a look at the given table below.

Did You Know!

  • 1 centimeter (cm) is equal to 0.393701 inches (in)
  • 1 inch (in) is equal to 2.54 centimeter (cm)

Cm to inches Formula:

The formula for cm to in is:

in = cm ÷ 2.54

Our smart converter also uses the same formula for cm to inch to convert centimeters to inches.

How to convert cm to inches?

There are two simplest and remarkable approaches to perform these cm to in conversions are with:

  • Online cm to ft converter (use the above one)
  • Formula

Example of centimeter (cm) to inches (in)conversion:

Problem: Convert 74 centimeter to inches?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • in = cm ÷ 2.54

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • 74 ÷ 2.54

Step 3 (Result):

  • 29.133858267716533 inches

Means, 74 centimeters (cm) is equal to 29.133858267716533 inches (in)

Centimeters (cm) to Inches (in) conversion table:

Centimeters(cm) Inches(in)
1 cm 0.393701 in
2 cm 0.787402 in
3 cm 1.1811 in
4 cm 1.5748 in
5 cm 1.9685 in
6 cm 2.3622 in
7 cm 2.75591 in
8 cm 3.14961 in
9 cm 3.54331 in
10 cm 3.93701 in
15 cm 5.90551 in
20 cm 7.87402 in
25 cm 9.84252 in
30 cm 11.811 in
35 cm 13.7795 in
40 cm 15.748 in
45 cm 17.7165 in
50 cm 19.685 in
60 cm 23.622 in
70 cm 27.5591 in
80 cm 31.4961 in
90 cm 35.4331 in
100 cm 39.3701 in
200 cm 78.7402 in
300 cm 118.11 in
400 cm 157.48 in
500 cm 196.85 in

Centimeters and inches conversion table are given below:


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