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Round to the Nearest Cent Calculator

Round to the Nearest Cent Calculator

Enter any decimal number and get it rounded to the nearest cent through this online round to the nearest cent calculator.

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Get your values rounded within seconds with the round to the nearest cent calculator. Just provide the input and get the round value calculated straightforwardly with this tool.   

What Is Rounding To The Nearest Cent?

Rounding to nearest cent means showing the price in only two significant figures after the decimal point. By doing so, you can use the values easily with the system that uses price in cents. 

There are two types of rounding that are:

Round UP To The Nearest Cent:

Keep in mind if the number >= 5 in the thousandth value then as per the rounding rule, it will be rounded up to the nearest cent. Meanwhile, add 1 in the hundredth place and remove all the digits from the right side. 

Round Down to the Nearest Cent:

If the number at the thousandth place is < 5, round down to the nearest cent. It means that no addition will be done at the hundredth place and you will remove all the digits after the hundred place. 

How To Round To The Nearest Cent?

Let’s see the following steps to calculate the nearest cent:

  • Take a look at the right of the cents.
  • If the last digit is greater or equal to five, increase the cent by 1 and if it is less than 5 then just remove the last digit and don’t do any additions. 

If it still seems difficult, then get the assistance of a round to the nearest cent calculator. It will let you round the numbers accurately. 


Let’s suppose you have an amount that is $ 456.349. Now how to round to nearest cent?


Given that:

Amount = $ 456.349

In this amount at the right side of the decimal point, the last digit is 9, remove the last digit. This digit is greater than five so we will add 1 at the hundredth place to round your answer to the nearest cent.

Amount = $456. 34

Amount = $456. 35

In the following table you can see numbers rounded to the nearest cents:

Amount Rounded to Nearest Cent
0.124 0.12
6.333 6.33
5.3227 5.32
12.36 12.36
1.376 1.38
8.822 8.82
11.689 11.69
0.555 0.56
100.052 100.05
12.225 12.23
15.666 15.67
100.007 100.01
25.111 25.11
19.852 19.85
50.554 50.55
20.999 21

Working Of Round To The Nearest Cent Calculator:

Get the help of our straightforward rounding to the nearest cent calculator to round any amount within seconds. Let’s see how it works:


  • Add the amount in the specified field
  • Tap on the calculate button


  • Round to the nearest cent

An online round to nearest cent calculator not only saves your time but also provides you with the correct results. 


How Do You Round To The Nearest Cent Hundredth?

Take a look at the rightmost value after the decimal point, if it’s equal to 4 or less than 4, then just remove the last digit, but if it’s equal to 5 or greater than 5 then remove it and add one at the hundredth place. 

What Does Round To The Nearest Cent Mean?

It means to turn the money amount into two decimals by applying the rounding rule. For instance you have an amount of $ 45.567 and you have to round it, then the rounded amount will be 45.57 as per the rounding rule. Now you know what does it mean to round to the nearest cent.

How Much Is a Cent?

In the US, one penny coin is worth one cent. If you have one hundred pennies, then it means you have one dollar. According to this, one cent can be written as $0.01. 


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