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Area of Shaded Region Calculator

Area of Shaded Region Calculator

Enter Diameter or Length of a Square or Circle & select output unit to get the shaded region area through this calculator.

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The most advanced area of shaded region calculator helps you to get the shaded area of a square having a circle inside of it. Get accurate steps involved in the calculations. Make your choice for the area unit and get your outcomes in that particular unit with a couple of taps.

How To Calculate Shaded Area?

Our area of shaded region calculator considers the following points to determine the results:

  • First of all, calculate the length of square. It can be considered as the measurement of circle diameter too
  • After that, put in the value in the formula given as under:

Shaded Area Formula:

If you want to calculate the shaded area by hand, you need to subject to the following equation:

\(Shaded Area = L^{2} – \pi * \left(\dfrac{L}{2}\right)^{2}\)


L = Diameter or length of circle or square

Let us resolve an example to make your concept more clear regarding shaded area calculations!


If the length of the square is about 53cm, then how to calculate the shaded area?


Using the shaded area formula:

\(Shaded Area = L^{2} – \pi * \left(\dfrac{L}{2}\right)^{2}\)

\(Shaded Area = 2809 – 3.14 * 702.25\)

\(Shaded Area = 602.818 cm^{2}\)

You can also find the area of the shaded region calculator a handy tool to verify the results calculated in the above example.

Working of Area of Shaded Region Calculator:

Let us guide you on how you can use this shaded area calculator!


  • Enter the diameter or length of a square or circle & select its unit
  • Meanwhile, select the result units as well from the very next field
  • Tap Calculate



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