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Volume of a Circle Calculator

Volume of a Circle Calculator

Enter the radius and height of the circle along with units selected. The calculator will work for the volume of the circle, ensuring you 100% accuracy.

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This volume of a circle calculator will calculate the volume of circle with the height and radius being entered. Get steps involved in the calculations along with results in different units of measurement as well with the circle volume calculator.

Volume of a Circle Formula:

If your goal comes up with the manual calculations of the volume of a circle, then you need to use the following circle volume formula:

Volume of Circle = π * \(R^{2}\) * H


  • π = Constant value
  • R = Radius of the circle
  • H = Height of the circle

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How To Find The Volume of a Circle?

Let’s explore an example to clarify your concept regarding the volume of a circle formula calculations!

Example # 01:

How to calculate volume of a circle with a radius of 5cm and a height of 9 cm?


Using circle volume equation here:

Volume of Circle = π * \(R^{2}\) * H

Volume of Circle = 3.14 * \(5^{2}\) * 9

Volume of Circle = 3.14 * 25 * 9

Volume of Circle = 706.5 \(cm^{3}\)

Working of Volume of a Circle Calculator:

Our circle volume calculator requires a couple of parameters to calculate the results. These include:


  • Enter the values of radius and height with units selected
  • Tap Calculate


  • Volume of circle in different units of measurement
  • Step-by-step calculations


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