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Test Grade Calculator

Test Grade Calculator

Grades Scale:

Number of Questions:

Number of Wrong Answers:


Grade Scale

Grade A+ ≥


Grade A ≥


Grade A- ≥


Grade B+ ≥


Grade B ≥


Grade B- ≥


Grade C+ ≥


Grade C ≥


Grade C- ≥


Grade D+ ≥


Grade D ≥


Grade D- ≥


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Setting each student’s grade separately might be a daunting chore. But you do not need to be worried any more. Our free test grade calculator grade will let you perform grade scaling.

Yes, our tool will calculate test grade on the basis of right and wrong answers in a test.

What Do You Mean By Test Score?

“A particular number that conveys the performance of an examinee in an examination is termed test score.”

This score is what our free test score calculator assists you to calculate in seconds.

How To Calculate Test scores?

Well our free grading test calculator is the best option to choose when you think what grade did I get on my test. But let’s move on and have a look at some basic formula that will aid you to calculate test grade manually!

Percentage Score = Correct / Total

As we know that:

Correct + Wrong = Total

So we are having:

Percentage Score = (Total – Wrong) / Total

Letter Grades Chart:

Every institution has its own standards to assign percentile grade letters corresponding to the scores obtained by students in subjects. As a default, these include:

Letter Grade Percentile
A+ 97-100
A 93-96
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 63-66
D- 60-62
F Below 60


What about resolving an example that will make your concept more clear? Let’s get down to it below!


Reshaeel appeared in a test taken by the Engineering Council in which he scored 89 out of 110. How to calculate test score of him? Also, what about the grade he got?


Here we have:

Percentage Score = (Total – Wrong) / Total

Percentage Score = (110 – 21) / 110

Percentage Score = 0.80 * 100

Percentage Score = 80%

Which is the required answer and can also be verified by using the online test score calculator.

How Grade Test Calculator Works?

This grade calculator test can be operated easily by following the usage guide below:


  • From the first drop-down list, select the grading scale
  • After that, go for entering the number of questions, wrong questions, and increment value in their respective fields
  • You can also set grading scale in the test score generator to assign letters against the criteria you set
  • After you are done with your stuff, simply hit the calculate button


The free test percentage calculator does the following calculations:

  • Calculate test grade, percentage grade, and letter grade
  • Displays the number of correct answers obtained in the test
  • Also, the test grading calculator shows a chart that highlights grading frequencies against the criteria for calculation you set


What Grade Is 43 Out of 100?

The letter grade as calculated and assigned by our test percentage calculator is 43% and F.

What Grade Is 70 Out of 80?

The grade score for 70 out of 80 is 87.5% which corresponds to a B+ grade letter.

What Grade Is a 100 Out of 150?

The percentage grade for the score is almost 66.67% that can also be verified by this test grader score calculator. The letter grade against the score is D+.

What Is a 30 40 On a test?

The percentile score of 30 out of 40 is 75%.

How can I improve my test score?

Certain precautionary measures that you can adopt to learn better include the following:

  • Never study longer. But study smartly
  • Always try to remember key points of any topic as it helps to remember the whole concept
  • Practice example problems to grip over the calculations. For instance, keep using this test calculator grade to track your test performance.

How much will a 60 affect my grade?

If 90% of your grade = 96

10% = 60

Then we have:

Percentile = (0.9*96)+(0.1*60)

= 86.4 + 6

= 92.4%

What Affects Test Scores?

Certain factors are to be considered in this case. But the most alarming include teacher behaviour and the number of students in a classroom that affect the growth of a student and thus decreasing the test scores overall.

What Are The Types of Test Score?

Various important test score types that are used to compare various statistical parameters include:

  • Z Score
  • T Score
  • Scaled Scores
  • Percentiles
  • Stanine Score


Our grade test calculator no doubt helps you to compare your performance with your past tests’ scores. This for sure helps you to boost yourself for learning and become a prominent student or set up a distinction in your institution. So do not think too much and start using this free test grade calculator for improving yourself in examinations.


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