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Convert acres to hectare (ac to ha)


acre (ac)


hectare (ha)


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Want to change values from acres to hectares instantly, then simply use this accurate ac to ha converter. This is an online acres to hectare converter that quickly performs conversions corresponding to your acre to hectare values. It not only provides you with the precise measurements for acre to ha, but also do the real time calculations.

When doing these conversions manually, then the formula of converting cm to m that you need to use is given below:

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Did You Know!

  • 1 acre (ac) is equal to 0.404686 hectare (ha)
  • 1 hectare (ha) is equal to 2.47105 acre (ac)

Acres to Hectare Formula:

You just have to consider this acre to ha formula, if you want to do these conversions yourself:

The formula for ac to ha is:

hectares = acres x 0.404685642

How to convert acres to hectares?

If you want to change values from ac to hectares, and then simply add the value into the above converter, otherwise account the above formula, swipe down to for better understanding.

  • acre to hectare converter
  • Formula (look at the below example)

Example of acres (ac) to hectares (ha) conversion:

Problem: Convert 30 acre to hectare?


Step 1 (Formula):

hectares = acres x 0.404685642

Step 2 (Put the Values):

hectares = 30 x 0.404685642

Step 3 (Result):

12.1406 hectare

Means, 30 acres (ac) is equal to 12.1406 hectares (ha)

Acres(ac) to Hectares (ha) conversion table:

Acers(ac) Hectares(ha)
1 ac 0.404686 ha
2 ac 0.809371 ha
3 ac 1.21406 ha
4 ac 1.61874 ha
5 ac 2.02343 ha
6 ac 2.42811 ha
7 ac 2.8328 ha
8 ac 3.23749 ha
9 ac 3.64217 ha
10 ac 4.04686 ha
15 ac 6.07028 ha
20 ac 8.09371 ha
25 ac 10.1171 ha
30 ac 12.1406 ha
35 ac 14.164 ha
40 ac 16.1874 ha
45 ac 18.2109 ha
50 ac 20.2343 ha
60 ac 24.2811 ha
70 ac 28.328 ha
80 ac 32.3749 ha
90 ac 36.4217 ha
100 ac 40.4686 ha