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Convert Square Feet to Square Yards (ft^2 to yd^2)


square foot (ft^2)


square yard (yd^2)


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Yes, one of the most well-known conversions in area measurements is the relationship between feet and yards. Since from childhood, it has been drilled into our minds that there are only 3 feet in a single yard. So, how many square yards in a square feet, don’t fret more! Our online sq ft to sq yd converter is the ever best tool that works specifically to perform square feet to square yards conversions. No doubt, manual sqft to sqyd conversions seems like a daunting task, but if you know about the actual formula from sq feet to sq yards, then it becomes really simple.
So, just enter the square feet number into the designated field of this tool to figure out the number in a yard. And, if you aim to convert these area units yourself, then the below-mentioned example provides you the ease of understanding.

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 square feet (ft2) is equal to 0.111111 yards (yd)
  • 1 yard (yd) is equal to 9 square feet (ft2)

square feet to square yards (ft^2 to yd^2) formula:

The given equation helps you to figure out the number of square feet in a square yard.

square foot to square yard formula is:

yd2 = ft2 ÷ 9

How to convert square feet to square yards (ft^2 to yd^2)?

Convert with:

  • Use an online sq ft to sq yards converter
  • Formula (look at the example below)

Example of square feet (ft2) to square yards (yd2) conversion:

Problem: Convert 750 sf to sy?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • yd2 = ft2 ÷ 9

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • yd2 = 750 ÷ 9

Step 3 (Result):

  • 83.3333 square yards

Means, 750 square feet (ft2) is equal to 83.3333 square yards (yd)

Square feet (ft2) to Square Yards (yd) conversion table:

Square feet(ft^2) Square Yards(yd^2)
1 ft^2 0.111111 yd^2
2 ft^2 0.222222 yd^2
3 ft^2 0.333333 yd^2
4 ft^2 0.444444 yd^2
5 ft^2 0.555556 yd^2
6 ft^2 0.666667 yd^2
7 ft^2 0.777778 yd^2
8 ft^2 0.888889 yd^2
9 ft^2 1 yd^2
10 ft^2 1.11111 yd^2
15 ft^2 1.66667 yd^2
20 ft^2 2.22222 yd^2
25 ft^2 2.77778 yd^2
30 ft^2 3.33333 yd^2
35 ft^2 3.88889 yd^2
40 ft^2 4.44444 yd^2
45 ft^2 5 yd^2
50 ft^2 5.55556 yd^2
60 ft^2 6.66667 yd^2
70 ft^2 7.77778 yd^2
80 ft^2 8.88889 yd^2
90 ft^2 10 yd^2
100 ft^2 11.1111 yd^2