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Convert Square Meter to Square Feet (m^2 to ft^2)


square meter (m^2)


square feet (ft^2)


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Yes, almost every country around the globe uses the metric system of measurement that including square meters to measure area. The U.S is said to be a big exception, though, relying on sq feet to measure its kitchen and lawns instead. So, don’t fret, whenever you need to convert square meters to square feet (m^2 to ft^2), all you need to enter the value for m2 to attain the equivalent ft2. The calculator-online provided you with this square meter to square feet converter that simply allows you to convert m2 to ft2.

Well, if you require doing sq meters to sq feet conversions manually, then the below-mentioned math’s formula will works best for you!

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 square meter (m2) is equal to 10.7639 square feet (ft2)
  • 1 square feet (ft2) is equal to 0.092903 square meters (m2)

square meter to square feet (m2 to ft2) Formula:

The formula for (sq ft to sq m) is:

ft2 = m2 ÷ 0.09290304

This is the standard formula for sqm to sqft that uses by our online converter for square meter to square foot.

How to convert meters squared to feet squared (sq m to sq ft)?

Convert with:

  • Use an online square meter to square feet
  • Formula (look at the example below)

Example of square meters (m2) to square feet (ft2) conversion:

Problem: convert 100 sq meter to sq ft?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • ft2 = m2 ÷ 0.09290304

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • ft2 = 100 ÷ 0.09290304

Step 3 (Result):

  • 1076.39 square feet

Means, 100 square meters (m2) is equal to 1076.39 square feet (ft2)

square meter (m2) to square feet (ft2) conversion table:

square meter(m^2) square feet(ft^2)
1 m^2 10.7639 ft^2
2 m^2 21.5278 ft^2
3 m^2 32.2917 ft^2
4 m^2 43.0556 ft^2
5 m^2 53.8196 ft^2
6 m^2 64.5835 ft^2
7 m^2 75.3474 ft^2
8 m^2 86.1113 ft^2
9 m^2 96.8752 ft^2
10 m^2 107.639 ft^2
15 m^2 161.459 ft^2
20 m^2 215.278 ft^2
25 m^2 269.098 ft^2
30 m^2 322.917 ft^2
35 m^2 376.737 ft^2
40 m^2 430.556 ft^2
45 m^2 484.376 ft^2
50 m^2 538.196 ft^2
60 m^2 645.835 ft^2
70 m^2 753.474 ft^2
80 m^2 861.113 ft^2
90 m^2 968.752 ft^2
100 m^2 1076.39 ft^2