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Convert Square Meter to Square Kilometer (m^2 to km^2)


square meter (m^2)


square kilometer (km^2)


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In this content, our team going to discuss the direct and manual process of conversions from square meters to square kilometers (m^2 to km^2). No doubt, there are sometimes when you people need to convert square meter to square kilometer instantly. So, for this, the accomplished team of calculator-online created a smart online sq m to sq km converter that allows you to perform instant conversions from square meters to square kilometers. And, the time comes, when your teacher required to do these m squared to km squared manually on paper, so for this, all you need to account the basic formula i:e mentioned-below!

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 square meter (m2) is equal to 1e-6 square kilometers (km2)
  • 1 square kilometer (km2) is equal to 1e+6 square meters (m2)

Well, from this you come to know how many square meters in a square kilometer or vice versa.

square meter to square kilometer (m2 to km2) Formula:

The formula for (m^2 to km^2) is:

km2 = m2 ÷ 1,000,000

The same formula is utilized by our online m2 to km2 calculator to provide you the accurate measurements.

How to convert square meter to square kilometer (sq m to sq km)?

Convert with:

  • Use online square meters to square km
  • Formula (look at the example below)

Example of square meters (m2) to square kilometers (km2) conversion:

Problem: convert 7,600,000 square m to square km?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • km2 = m2 ÷ 1,000,000

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • km2 = 7,600,000 ÷ 1,000,000

Step 3 (Result):

  • 7.6 square kilometers

Means, 7,600,000 square meters (m2) is equal to 7.6 kilometers (km2)

square meter (m2) to square kilometer (km2) conversion table:

square meter(m^2) square kilometer(km^2)
1 m^2 1e-6 km^2
2 m^2 2e-6 km^2
3 m^2 3e-6 km^2
4 m^2 4e-6 km^2
5 m^2 5e-6 km^2
6 m^2 6e-6 km^2
7 m^2 7e-6 km^2
8 m^2 8e-6 km^2
9 m^2 9e-6 km^2
10 m^2 1e-5 km^2
15 m^2 1.5e-5 km^2
20 m^2 2e-5 km^2
25 m^2 2.5e-5 km^2
30 m^2 3e-5 km^2
35 m^2 3.5e-5 km^2
40 m^2 4e-5 km^2
45 m^2 4.5e-5 km^2
50 m^2 5e-5 km^2
60 m^2 6e-5 km^2
70 m^2 7e-5 km^2
80 m^2 8e-5 km^2
90 m^2 9e-5 km^2
100 m^2 1e-4 km^2