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Convert Square Inch to Square Foot (in^2 to ft^2)



square inch (in^2)


square foot (ft^2)


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Convert Square Inch to Other Area Units

If you have ever measured the width, length, or height of something, then no doubt, you have measured in a single dimension. So, when it comes to combining any two of those dimensions, then you are talking about a concept known as area. Remember that determining the area of wildly irregular shapes can require advanced math techniques like calculus – so what about if you want to convert square inches to square feet, don’t fret! The online sq inches to sq feet converter by calculator-online is the significant tool that assists you in converting from square inch to square foot (sq in to sq ft).

However, people often also want to convert sq in to sq ft manually, and then just look at the given example:

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 Square inches (in2) is equal to 0.00694444 square foot (ft2)
  • 1 square foot (ft2) is equal to 144 Square inches (in2)

Square Inch to Square Foot Formula:

If your teacher said to shows manual work for square inch to square feet conversions, then simply account the simple math formula.
The formula for square in to square ft is:

ft2 = in2 ÷ 144

How to convert square inches to square feet (sqin to sqft)?

Convert with:

  • online square inch to square foot converter
  • Formula (the below example helps you)

Example of Square inches (in2) to Square Meter (ft2) conversion:

Problem: Convert 700 sq in to sq ft?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • ft2 = in2 ÷ 144

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • ft2 = 700 ÷ 144

Step 3 (Result):

  • 4.861111080000001square foot

Means, 700 Square inches (in2) is equal to 4.861111080000001 Square foot (ft2)

Square inches (in2) to Square Square foot(ft2) conversion table:

Square Inch(in^2) Square Foot(ft^2)
1 in^2 0.00694444 ft^2
2 in^2 0.0138889 ft^2
3 in^2 0.0208333 ft^2
4 in^2 0.0277778 ft^2
5 in^2 0.0347222 ft^2
6 in^2 0.0416667 ft^2
7 in^2 0.0486111 ft^2
8 in^2 0.0555556 ft^2
9 in^2 0.0625 ft^2
10 in^2 0.0694444 ft^2
15 in^2 0.104167 ft^2
20 in^2 0.138889 ft^2
25 in^2 0.173611 ft^2
30 in^2 0.208333 ft^2
35 in^2 0.243056 ft^2
40 in^2 0.277778 ft^2
45 in^2 0.3125 ft^2
50 in^2 0.347222 ft^2
60 in^2 0.416667 ft^2
70 in^2 0.486111 ft^2
80 in^2 0.555556 ft^2
90 in^2 0.625 ft^2
100 in^2 0.694444 ft^2