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Convert Square Kilometer to Square Mile (km^2 to mi^2)


square kilometer (km^2)


square mile (mi^2)


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When looking to convert square kilometers to square miles (km^2 to mi^2), then you should have to account square km to square miles converter. The km2 to mi2 converter by calculator-online is use a smart algorithm to converting these area units’ conversion. You just ought to enter the value for the given square kilometer into the designated field to know the equivalent value for the square mile.

Square kilometer (km2) and square mile (mi2) are two different units that generally used in land measuring. If you desired to know the step-by-step conversions from square km to square miles, then here is the formula that might work best for you!

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 square kilometer (km2) is equal to 0.386102 square miles (mi2)
  • 1 square mile (mi2) is equal to 2.58999 square kilometers (km2)

Square Kilometer to Square Mile Formula:

The formula for square kilometer to square mile is:

mi2 = km2 ÷ 2.58998811

Yes, this is the basic formula for converting these units of area.

How to convert square kilometers to square miles (km2 to mi2)?

Converting km2 to square miles becomes easy with the assistance of online converter and if you want to do these area conversions manually, then takes a look below:

Example of square millimeter (km2) to square meter (mi2) conversion:

Problem: convert 60 square kilometers to mi2?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • mi2 = km2 ÷ 2.58998811

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • mi2 = 60 ÷ 2.58998811

Step 3 (Result):

  • 23.1661 square miles

Means, 60 square kilometers (km2) is equal to 23.1661 square miles (mi2)

Square Kilometers (km2) to Square Miles (mi2) conversion table:

Square Kilometers(km^2) Square Miles(mi^2)
1 km^2 0.386102 mi^2
2 km^2 0.772204 mi^2
3 km^2 1.15831 mi^2
4 km^2 1.54441 mi^2
5 km^2 1.93051 mi^2
6 km^2 2.31661 mi^2
7 km^2 2.70272 mi^2
8 km^2 3.08882 mi^2
9 km^2 3.47492 mi^2
10 km^2 3.86102 mi^2
15 km^2 5.79153 mi^2
20 km^2 7.72204 mi^2
25 km^2 9.65255 mi^2
30 km^2 11.5831 mi^2
35 km^2 13.5136 mi^2
40 km^2 15.4441 mi^2
45 km^2 17.3746 mi^2
50 km^2 19.3051 mi^2
60 km^2 23.1661 mi^2
70 km^2 27.0272 mi^2
80 km^2 30.8882 mi^2
90 km^2 34.7492 mi^2
100 km^2 38.6102 mi^2