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Convert Square Yards to Square Feet (yd^2 to ft^2)


square yard (yd^2)


square foot (ft^2)


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Convert Square Yard to Other Area Units

Yes, there is no doubt that we do a lot of conversions is our daily routine, but deal with only single measures. So, what happens if want to work out for square measures. Well, this article will just focus on that! Specifically, we help you in converting square yards to square feet.

The most common area measurement is the relationship between square yards and square feet. Thus, the team of calculator-online provides you with an online square yard to square feet converter through which it becomes easy to perform these units’ conversions for area. Also, we can use the basic conversion formula to help you to figure out the number of square feet in a square yard.

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 Square yards (yd2) is equal to 0.00694444 square foot (ft2)
  • 1 square foot (ft2) is equal to 144 Square yards (yd2)

square yards to square feet Formula:

You can easily convert square yard to square foot through this given formula, just add the value of given square yards to find the equivalent foot.
The formula for sq yards to sq feet is:

ft2 = yd2 x 9

How to convert square yards to square feet (sq yard to sq ft)?

Convert with:

  • online square yard to square foot converter
  • Formula (the below example helps you)

Example of Square yards (yd^2) to square feet (ft^2) conversion:

Problem: Convert 70 sq yards to sq ft?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • ft2 = yd2 x 9

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • ft2 = 70 x 9

Step 3 (Result):

  • 630 square foot

Means, 70 Square yards (yd2) is equal to 630 square foot (ft2)

Square yards (yd2) to Square foot (ft2) conversion table:

Square yards(yd^2) Square foot(ft^2)
1 yd^2 9 ft^2
2 yd^2 18 ft^2
3 yd^2 27 ft^2
4 yd^2 36 ft^2
5 yd^2 45 ft^2
6 yd^2 54 ft^2
7 yd^2 63 ft^2
8 yd^2 72 ft^2
9 yd^2 81 ft^2
10 yd^2 90 ft^2
15 yd^2 135 ft^2
20 yd^2 180 ft^2
25 yd^2 225 ft^2
30 yd^2 270 ft^2
35 yd^2 315 ft^2
40 yd^2 360 ft^2
45 yd^2 405 ft^2
50 yd^2 450 ft^2
60 yd^2 540 ft^2
70 yd^2 630 ft^2
80 yd^2 720 ft^2
90 yd^2 810 ft^2
100 yd^2 900 ft^2