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CFU Calculator

CFU Calculator

Enter the number of colonies and dilution factor and volume of the cultural plate and the tool will find the CFU.

No. of Colonies [nc]:

Dilution Factor [DF]:

Volume of Culture Plate [vc]:


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The CFU calculator calculates the total number of bacteria per unit weight or volume. The CFU stands for the Colony Forming Unit CFU/ml and it is essential to estimate the number of colonies by the CFU/ml calculator in a unit area.

The CFU Counting:

A bacterial concentration is a measurement of the number of colonies of bacteria per unit ml volume of the culture plate.

The total count of observable colonies that are there on an agar plate can be multiplied by the dilution factor for providing the resulting CFU/ml.

CFU/ml Formula:

A CFU is a colony-forming unit and describes the popularity of the microorganism concentration as a test sample. The agar plate concentration is essential to grow a healthy colony of the microorganism.

The CFU ml calculation formula is given:

CFU =[( n_c)(Df)]/V_c

n_c = Number of colonies

DF = Dilution Factor 

V_c= Volume of the culture plate 

The number of colonies per unit volume of the cultural plate can be calculated by the CFU calculator to grow a healthy microbes colony. It would assist grow the specific colonies in the given concentration of the chemical.

How to Calculate CFU?

Suppose that you need to grow 9 colonies and the dilation factor is 7 and the volume of the 10 m^3. Then cfu calculation for a given solution is given by:


No. of Colonies= 9

Dilution Factor [DF]  = 7

Volume of Culture Plate} [V_c] = 10 m³


CFU =[( n_c)(Df)]/V_c

CFU =[(9)(7)]/10

CFU =[63]/10

CFU  = 6.3 m³

The cfu g calculation is simple to convert as 10g is equal to 10 ml, and so on.

Working of CFU calculator:

The straightforward CFU/ml calculator is functioning. A couple of steps are given below:


  • Enter the number of colonies, Dilution factor, and volume of the culture plate
  • Tap Calculate


  • Colony Forming Unit (CFU)
  • Detailed measurements of CFU



How Many Cells Are in 1 CFU?

1CFU is equal to 1000 live cells and it is equal to 1 CFU. The CFU calculator represents the measurements in the form of CFU units and the number of colonies that can grow well in agar plates.


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