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Escape Velocity Calculator

Escape Velocity Calculator

Select the physical parameter (escape velocity, plant mass, or planet radius) and the calculator will employ the physical escape velocity equation to find its value.

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Use this free escape velocity calculator that estimates the minimum velocity an object must reach to escape the gravitational zone of a planet.

Let’s get down to the article that is packed with a sound understanding of the escape speed concept.

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What Is Escape Velocity?

In physics:

“The minimum velocity that a certain object needs to get away from the pull of a planet is known as the escape velocity”

escape velocity

What Is The Escape Velocity of Earth?

The escape velocity of earth is given as follows:

$$ \text{Escape velocity} = 11.2km/s or 6.96miles/s $$

Escape Velocity Formula:

Given the radius and mass of the object, you can instantly calculate escape velocity by using the expression below:

$$ V_{e} = \sqrt{\frac{2GM}{R}} $$


M = planet’s weight

R = planet’s radius

G = Gravitational Constant the value of which is given as follows:

$$ G = 6.67 * 10^{-11} \frac{Nm^{2}{kg^{2}} $$

The free escape velocity calculator also uses the above mentioned equation to compute the escape speed.

Note: The escape velocity is also termed the second cosmic velocity of the body that you can instantly calculate by using this best escape velocity calculator.

Launch Energy:

When an object is released to move up in space, it has both kinetic and potential energies. And the cumulative relation of these energies is given as follows:

$$ \text{Kinetic Energy} + \text{Potential Energy} = \frac{-GM}{R} + \frac{1}{2}mv^{2} $$

Now when the object gets out of the gravitational zone of the planet, its potential energy becomes zero. Meanwhile, the kinetic energy here is considered virtually zero as well. It commutes the total energy addition as zero.

$$ \text{Kinetic Energy} + \text{Potential Energy} = 0 + 0 = 0 $$

Escape Velocity Table:

Get going through the pattern below that highlights the escape velocities of all the planets in our Solar System.

Location Relative to Ve (km/s)[12]
On the Sun The Sun’s gravity 617.5
On Mercury Mercury’s gravity 4.25
On Venus Venus’s gravity 10.36
On Earth Earth’s gravity 11.186
On the Moon The Moon’s gravity 2.38
On Mars Mars’ gravity 5.03
On Ceres Ceres’s gravity 0.51
On Jupiter Jupiter’s gravity 60.20
On Io Io’s gravity 2.558
On Europa Europa’s gravity 2.025
On Ganymede Ganymede’s gravity 2.741
On Callisto Callisto’s gravity 2.440
On Saturn Saturn’s gravity 36.09
On Titan Titan’s gravity 2.639
On Uranus Uranus’ gravity 21.38
On Neptune Neptune’s gravity 23.56
On Triton Triton’s gravity 1.455
On Pluto Pluto’s gravity 1.23

Our free escape velocity calculator automatically sets the escape velocity of the star or planet you choose from the list given. How does it sound to you?

How To Calculate Escape Velocity?

Let’s resolve an example to clear the concept in more detail!

Example # 01:

How to find escape velocity of a satellite revolving around neptune?


$$ \text{Mass of Neptune} = 1.024 * 10^{26} kg $$

$$ \text{Radius of Neptune} = 24, 622 km $$

Using escape speed formula:

$$ V_{e} = \sqrt{\frac{2GM}{R}} $$

$$ V_{e} = \sqrt{\frac{2*6.67 * 10^{-11}*1.024 * 10^{26}}{24, 622}} $$

$$ V_{e} = \sqrt{\frac{1.334*10^{-10}*1.024 * 10^{26}}{24, 622}} $$

$$ V_{e} = \sqrt{\frac{1.334*1.024*10^{26}*10^{-10}}{24, 622}} $$

$$ V_{e} = \sqrt{\frac{1.366*10^{16}}{24, 622}} $$

$$ V_{e} = 23.48km $$

For instant verification, you can use this best escape velocity calculator.

How Escape Velocity Calculator Works?

Let’s get to know how this escape speed calculator will help you to calculate the various parameters related to the concept under study! Stay with it!


  • From the first drop-down list, select whether you wish to calculator “Escape Velocity”, “Planet Mass”, or “Planet Radius”
  • After you do that, now it’s time to select the planet or star from the second list
  • Now, go for entering all the required parameters in their designated fields
  • At last, tap the calculate button


The free exit velocity calculator does the following calculations:

  • Escape velocity
  • First cosmic velocity
  • Orbital speed
  • Third cosmic velocity
  • Period of the orbit


At what height Earth gravity is zero?

The force of gravity can never become zero. No doubt as we move more away from the earth, the gravity becomes weaker enough but it can never end forever.

What is the limit of Earth gravity?

The actual limit of the gravitational pull of the Earth is about 9.8m/s^{2}.

How heavy is the sun?

The actual mass of the Sun is about \(1.989*10^{30}kg\).

Why escape velocity is minimum?

At the projection position, the escape velocity of the object for potential energy is the least amount of speed an object needs to acquire for leaving the earth’s orbit.

Does zero gravity exist?

No, gravity can never be zero. It is spreaded all around the space and distributes itself into different orbits, black holes, ocean tides, and even our own weight.

How heavy is a black hole?

Typically, a black hole is about 10 solar masses heavy and this weight can vary according to the size of the black hole. To determine the escape speed of the black hole, you can use this escape speed calculator.

Which country has no gravity?

Feroe islands is one of a few places in this world having zero gravity. The water tides in this island seem to move upward showing no effect of gravity on them.


Escape velocity is used to throw away the satellites or any such useless matter that is harmful for life on earth after it falls. And our free best escape velocity calculator aids you in calculating escape velocity so that the useless matter could be taken away from the earth’s orbit.


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