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LDL Calculator

LDL Calculator

Total Cholesterol


High Density Lipoproteins (HDL)


Triglycerides (TG)



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The LDL calculator estimates the LDL cholesterol on the basis of the proportional ratio of the HDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

What Is LDL Cholesterol?

LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol as it accumulates in the walls of the blood vessels. You are in real danger of a heart attack or stroke after a certain ratio of LDL cholesterol. You need to track the LDL ratio in your body for tracking LDL level using the  LDL calculator. All cholesterols are not dangerous for your body as it is required to make the cell membrane and for healthy nerve tissues.

How to Calculate LDL?

Our tool uses the Friedewald formula for estimating LDL cholesterol.

LDL = TC – HDL – 0.2 × TG

TC –Total Cholesterol 

HDL – High-Density Lipoprotein 

TG –Triglycerides

You can identify the amount of cholesterol in your body by the total cholesterol calculator.


What is LDL cholesterol if the Total cholesterol (TC) is 250, HDL is 40, and the TG is 100? 


As we know that the LDL cholesterol calculations are as follows:

LDL = TC – HDL – 0.2 × TG

Putting all the values

LDL = 250-40-0.2 × 100

LDL = 250-40-20

LDL = 250-60

LDL = 190 mg/dL

Working of LDL Calculator:

You can use the LDL cholesterol calculator according to the instructions below:


  • Enter the TC, HDL, and Triglyceride in their designated fields 
  • Now hit the calculate Button


  • The LDL calculation in mg/dL and mmol/dL


What Is a Normal LDL Level?

The LDL normal range is between 100 to 129 mg/dL. If you have diabetes or heart disease, the normal range of LDL is below 100 mg/dL. For knowing my normal range of LDL you can use the free LDL calculator online.

What Should I Do if My LDL Is High?

If LDL calculation indicates, you have crossed a certain range then you need to reduce the consumption of saturated fats. Saturated fats like red meat, eggs, sweets, etc are major causes of LDL cholesterol. For keeping your LDL in a normal range, you can continuously track your LDL by the LDL calculator.

What Causes High LDL?

Eating a lot of foods high in saturated fats raises “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. Saturated fats are found in fatty cuts of meat and dairy products. No more than 10% of your daily calories should come from saturated fats. 

What Are the 5 Signs of High LDL Cholesterol?

The 5 major signs of LDL cholesterol are

  • Heart attack
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Chest pain or angina
  • Stroke

It is necessary to check the LDL for people facing cardiovascular disorders.

The Normal Ranges of Cholesterol:

Low-Density Lipoprotein Total Cholesterol High-Density Lipoprotein Triglycerides
100-129 mg/dl 200 mg/dl 40- 60 mg/dl below 150 mg/dl


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