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Fat Burning Heart Rate Calculator

Fat Burning Heart Rate Calculator




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The fat burning zone calculator estimates the target heart rate required to achieve the desired level of fat loss.

What is Fat Burning Zone?

The fat-burning zone is the optimal fat burning rate achieved during aerobics or exercise that is considered ideal for your fat loss. It is necessary to calculate the fat burning zone and keep your heartbeat per minute at a normal rate. The fat-burning zone is directly related to the heartbeat and your heart rate. If you want to lose weight by exercising and workout, then use the fat burn heart rate calculator.

How to Calculate Fat Burning Zone?

There are 3 methods to calculate your fat burning zone:

  • 60-80% of your maximum heart rate
  • Zoladz method
  • Karvonen method

Let’s try to estimate the fat burning zone for a person that is 30 years of age and resting heart rate of 60. 

First, we need to measure the maximum heart rate according to age: 

MHR = 220 – age

MHR = 220 – 30

MHR = 180

The MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) for a person =  220 – age

The 60-80% of Maximum Heart Rate:

Fat Burning Zone =  [60% x 180] – [80% x 180]

Fat Burning Zone = 108 – 144 BPM

 BPM  stands for the beats per minute

The Zoladz Method:

Fat Burning Zone = HRmax − Adjuster ± 5 bpm

Fat Burning Zone =  [180 – 50 ± 5] – [180 – 40 ± 5]

Fat Burning Zone =  130 – 140 BMP


HRmax stands for maximum heart rate

Karvonen Method:

Fat Burning Zone= ((MHR − RHR) × % intensity) + RHR

Fat Burning Zone=  [((180 − 60) × 60%) + 60] – [((180 − 60) × 80%) + 60]

Fat Burning Zone =  [120 x 60% + 60] – [120 x 80% + 60]

Fat Burning Zone = 132 – 156 BPM

It seems complicated to find the fat-burning zone, use the fat burning heart rate calculator to obtain your result in a matter of few seconds. You can estimate the intensity and the time of your exercise by measuring the burning fat zone. The heart rate increases during the exercise and the harder you exercise the more your heart rate increases. 

Working of Fat Burning Zone Calculator:

You can use the fat burning calculator by the simple instructions given as under:


  • Enter your age 
  • Specify your gender
  • Estimate heart rate per minute
  • Your heart rate per minute
  • Tap calculate


  • Optimal fat burn zone and heart rate


Why Remain In the Fat Burning Zone?

You should remain in the fat burning zone because the fat burning zone is an ideal thing to lose weight and burn more calories.

Can Exercise Machine Estimate Fat Burning Zone?

These days fitness machines can monitor and configure your heart rate and assist the time period desired for your fat burning zone. You may need to optimize your aerobic exercise to obtain the suggested weight.

Which Exercise Burns Maximum Fat?

You can do various exercises for burning fats but running is one of the best exercises for burning more calories per hour relative to fat zone

Fat Burning Heart Rate Chart:

In the chart below, the estimated fat burn heart rate per minute relative to your age.

Age Estimated fat-burning heart rate in (BPM)
18–20 140
21–25 136–139
26–30 133–136
31–35 129–132
36–40 126–129
41–45 122–125
46–50 119–122
51–55 115–118
56–60 112–115
61–65 108–111
66–70 105–108
71–75 101–104

The fat-burning zone will change while you grow and get older. If you are finding any difficulty in measuring what is my fat burning zone, just use the fat burning zone calculator and know yours.


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