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 Square Volume Calculator

Square Volume Calculator

Find the volume of the square by just inputting the length, width, and height of the square into this volume of square calculator.

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Calculate the volume of a square shape or box with the square volume calculator in a matter of seconds.

No need to perform mathematical calculations. Just add the dimensions (length, width & height) and get the precise result.

What Is The Volume of A Square Box?

It is the amount of space occupied by the square or cube and it is given by 


The dimensions of length, width, and height of a square measure the same thing. 

A square box is a 3D solid object that has:

  • 6 square faces
  • 8 vertices
  • 12 edges

What Are The Rules of A Square?

The rules of a square are:

  • All interior angles are equal to 90°
  • All four sides of the square are equal to each other
  • The opposite sides are parallel to each other
  • The two diagonals of the square are the same
  • The square has 4 vertices and 4 sides
  • The diagonal length is greater than the square sides

Square Volume Formula:

The formula that is used for calculating the volume of a square is as follows:

Volume of Square Formula =  SV = SL x SH x SW


  • SV is used to represent the square volume
  • SL is square length
  • SH represents the height of the square
  • SW shows the width of the square

How To Find The Volume of A Square?

Follow the below-listed steps to calculate the volume of square:

  • Determine the dimensions of the square
  • Put these values in the volume formula for square and multiply them with each other as we have done in the following example

If you don’t want to carry out the calculation with the square volume formula, then simply use a good volume of a square calculator. It will find the volume of a square instantly!


How to find volume of a square which has the following dimensions:

  • Square Width = 8 inches
  • Square Length = 8 inches 
  • Square Height = 8 inches


Put the given dimensions in the above-mentioned volume formula square

SV = SL x SH x SW

SV = 8 x 8 x 8

SV = 512 inches 


Is Volume of Square Box Measured In Square Units?

No, it’s measured in cubic units like as cm^3, m^3, in^3.

What Is The Total Surface Area of A Square Box?

The total surface area of a square box is:

Total Surface Area = 6 x side^2