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Wave Speed Calculator

Wave Speed Calculator

Enter the wave frequency and the wavelength in the tool and the calculator will calculate the wave speed.

Wave frequency (f)


Wavelength (λ)



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The wave speed calculator calculates the wave speed, wave period, and the wavenumber in terms of different units, with the steps shown.

How to Find Speed of a Wave?

Basically, the wave speed is the distance traveled by the waves in a given period of time.

To find wave speed accurately, you need to configure the following equation:

Wave speed (v) = 𝑓λ


The wave speed equation can be used to find the wavelength and frequency.

Wavelength (λ) = 𝑓v

Frequency (𝑓) = vλ

 The wave speed calculator requires spontaneously finding the wave period (T), and the wavenumber(1/λ). 

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose the wave frequency and wavelength are 1500 Hz and 0.221m. Then how to find wave speed (v), wave period (T), and the wavenumber(1/λ)? 


Wave frequency (𝑓) = 1500 HzF

Wavelength (λ) = 0.221m

Now proceed with calculating the Wave speed (v)

The wave speed equation is:

Wave speed (v) =  𝑓λ

Wave speed (v) = (1500) (0.221)

Wave speed (v) = 331.5m/s

Let’s proceed with calculating the Wave period (T). 

You can use the equation for wave speed to find the wave period as T= 1/𝑓

Wave period (T) =[1/ Wave frequency (𝑓)]

Wave period (T) =[1/ 1500]

Wave period (T) = 0.00066667sec

Now calculating the Wavenumber by the wave speed equation.

Wavenumber (σ)= [1/ λ]

Wavenumber (σ)= [1/0.221]

Wavenumber (σ)= 4.525 m

The wave speed calculator guides the user, how to calculate the speed of a wave in various units propagating via a medium. The velocity of the wave is the function of its wavelength and the equation for wave speed also enables us to find the wave period and wavenumber.

Working of the Wave Speed Calculator:

If you wonder about how to calculate wave speed, then using our speed of wave calculator is the best option to go by. Let’s guide you how to use this tool!


  • Enter wave frequency (𝑓) and wavelength (λ) in their respective fields
  • Tap Calculate


  • Wave speed (v)
  • Wave period (T)
  • Wavenumber
  •  Measurements in various units


What is the Speed of a Wave with a Frequency of 2 Hz and a Wavelength of 87 m?

Our wave speed calculator determines the wave speed to be 174 m/s. 

What is the Wavelength of a Wave that has a Speed of 350 meters/second and a Frequency of 140 Hertz?

The wavelength would be 2.5m which could also be calculated through another wavelength calculator

Wavelength formula  (λ) = 𝑓v can be obtained from the wave speed formula.


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