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weight Gain Calculator

Bulking Calculator



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Bulking calculator helps you to estimate the calories surplus that you need to gain weight. Your weight bulk depends upon several factors like TDEE, BMR, and length of the journey.

Our calorie bulk calculator will do the same for you. With that, it will also give you estimated macro ratios that are comparable to your daily calorie surplus for gaining bulk.

The Bulking Process:

Bulking is a process of building muscles by creating a calorie surplus in the body.  Your body consumes the additional carbohydrates and protein during the bulking process.

How to Do Bulking?

The bulking process can be done by consuming more calories than the body needs to maintain its current size.

There are three things bodybuilders need to consider while doing the bulking process.

  • Increase calorie consumption
  • Increasing carb and protein intake
  • Decreasing fat intake
Macronutrient Percent Composition (Out of Total Calories)
Protein 30%
Fat 30%
Carbohydrates 40%

How to Fix a Problem with the Bulking Calculator?

The bulking calorie calculator assists in coping with the necessity of building new muscles in the body during the bulking process. It estimates your calories to bulking weight by considering by following the parameters described below:

What To Enter?

  • Choose your gender
  • Submit your age and height in respective fields
  • Enter your current weight
  • Specify the target weight gain or bulking weight
  • Choose your activity level from the list 
  • Select the Caloric surplus requirement 
  • Enter time span or dates to achieve your target
  • Enter body fat percentage (%)

What Do You Get?

The following results are calculated by the bulking calculator:
  • Your Calories Increase / Day: Get to know the number of calories increases per day to gain muscle build-up.
  • Surplus Calories : The bulking calories calculator outputs the surplus calories per day relative to your age, height, and activity rate.
  • BMR Rate: Calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) necessary to function your body properly when it is at rest.
  • TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) to maintain the body weight along with managing the exercise requirement of energy with the calories bulk calculator.
  • Time to Achieve Goal: The total time needed to achieve the target bulking calorie, how many calories to bulk calculator specify the targeted time to manage the weight gain.
  • Macro Needs: The macros needed exactly for your muscle build-up, as the bulking calculator provides information regarding your requirement of macros.
    • Carbs 
    • Protein 
    • Fats  
  • Bulking Weight Gain Chart: The weight gain chart is also created to assist the bulking of the muscles by the bulk calorie calculator.


From the source of Bulking calories

From the source of Calories Bulk