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Inverse Function Calculator

Enter the function f(x) for which you want to calculate inverse. The calculator will determine its reverse form x = f(y) and shows complete calculations.

Enter a function: y = f(x) =


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The inverse function calculator helps you to determine the reverse of any given function that you enter in it and provides you step wise solution.

How to Use Inverse of Function Calculator?

The calculator determines the inverse of entered function with these steps:

Input To Enter:

  • First of all, enter a function f (x)
  • Hit the “Calculate” button

Output You Get:

  • Accurate reverse value of the particular function
  • Complete steps that help you understand the problem better

How to Find Inverse Functions?

Compute the inverse function (f-1) of the given function by the following steps:

  • First, take a function f(y) having y as the variable
  • Now, consider that x is the function for f(y)
  • Then reverse the variables y and x, then the resulting function will be x
  • Solve the equation y for x and find the value of x

To make it convenient for you, the function inverse calculator does all these calculations for you in a fraction of a second.

Example # 01:

Calculate the inverse of the functions x = y+11/13y+19?


Replace the variables y & x, to find inverse function f-1 with inverse calculator with steps:

$$y = x + 11 / 13x + 19$$

$$y (13x + 19) = x + 11$$

$$13xy + 19y – x = 11$$

$$x (13y – 1) = 11 – 19y$$

$$x = 11 – 19y / 13y – 1$$

Hence, the inverse function of y+11/13y+19 is 11 – 19y / 13y – 1.

Here you can also verify the results by using this best find f^-1(x) calculator.


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