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Dividend Yield Calculator

Dividend Yield Calculator


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The dividend yield calculator efficiently finds the dividend yield by the annual dividend per share and share price. The dividend yield is one of the best indicators of a company’s performance when distributing the common and preferred stock to its shareholders.
Lets try to understand what is the dividend yield and how companies utilize it to grab the shareholder’s interests.

What is Dividend Yield?

The dividend yield is expressed as a percentage and it is the financial ratio of annual dividend per share and the price we need to pay to purchase that share.The Dividend yield is the parameter which reflects a company’s performance in the marketplace. Calculating dividend yield becomes important against the share price to judge a company’s expected share price. Just calculate stock price of dividend and if it is consistent for a longer period of time, simply you can take a decision to invest in such a company. These investments can make your portfolio groom, and you can invest more efficiently in a stock exchange.

Dividend Yield Formula:

The Dividend yield is simple to find as you have to divide Annual dividend by the Price per share of the shares and the other long term securities like the bonds, stocks, mutual funds, real estate etc.
Dividend Yield = [Annual Dividend Per Share/Price Per Share]*100

Why Is Dividend Yield Important?

The dividend yield is one the most important measurements for the investors in a company and to purchase its stock for long term and short term investment purpose.You can calculate dividend rate yield by the stock yield calculator and can make your investments more responsive. This also helps to invest in purposeful investment in the particular stock market.

Citigroup is one of the most reliable stock exchange companies and we are representing its 5 years distribution of Dividend yield.

Ex-Date Record Date Pay-Date Amount
29-Apr-22 02-May-22 27-May-22 $0.5100
04-Feb-22 07-Feb-22 25-Feb-22 $0.5100
29-Oct-21 01-Nov-21 24-Nov-21 $0.5100
30-July-21 02-Aug-21 27-Aug-21 $0.5100
30-Apr-21 03-May-21 28-May-21 $0.5100
29-Jan-21 01-Feb-21 26-Feb-21 $0.5100
30-Oct-20 02-Nov-20 25-Nov-20 $0.5100
31-Jul-20 03-Aug-20 28-Aug-20 $0.5100
01-May-20 04-May-20 22-May-20 $0.5100
31-Jan-20 03-Feb-20 28-Feb-20 $0.5100
01-Nov-19 04-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 $0.5100
02-Aug-19 05-Aug-19 23-Aug-19 $0.5100
03-May-19 06-May-19 24-May-19 $0.4500
01-Feb-19 04-Feb-19 22-Feb-19 $0.4500
02-Nov-18 05-Nov-18 21-Nov-18 $0.4500
03-Aug-18 06-Aug-18 24-Aug-18 $0.4500
04-May-18 07-May-18 25-May-18 $0.3200
02-Feb-18 05-Feb-18 23-Feb-18 $0.3200
03-Nov-17 06-Nov-17 22-Nov-17 $0.3200
03-Aug-17 07-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 $0.3200
27-Apr-17 01-May-17 26-May-17 $0.1600
02-Feb-17 06-Feb-17 24-Feb-17 $0.1600

Long Term Investors:

Dividend yield is meaningful for the long term investors like the people investing in long term securities, such as retirees heavily dependent on the dividend for their income. The dividend yield can have a significant effect on their personal income portfolio.This is why the long term investors usually consider the companies having a track record in the stocks, and paying dividends regularly.

Short Term Investors:

Companies usually do manage their portfolio, and they are investing for a short period of time in meaningful investments.Only younger investors who are more interested in growth companies that can retain their earnings and use them to finance their growth.

Dividend Payout Ratio:

The dividend payout ratio is one of the best of a company’s ability to distribute the dividend consistently. If a company is consistently able to calculate its dividend rate and distribute it, then the financial analysts regard this company as one of the hot cakes to invest in the marketplace. A company is paying a higher dividend than the competitors it means it wants to capture more and more clientage. It is simple to calculate dividend yield and Payout ratio by the expected stock dividend yield calculator.

How is Dividend Yield Calculated?

Consider the dividend per period is $ 1 and it is paid monthly to the investors,then what is the annual dividend? If the share price is $ 10, then how to find the dividend yield on this investment?
You can use the stock yield calculator to find the share price of a stock.
Annual Dividend Per Share = [Monthly Dividend Per Share/Price Per Share]
Annual Dividend Per Share = [1(12)/1]
Annual Dividend Per Share = $ 12
Dividend Yield = [Annual Dividend Per Share/Price Per Share]*100
Dividend Yield = [12/10]*100
Dividend Yield = 120 %
It is simple to calculate dividend rate by the calculate dividend yield calculator and to decide how to improve your portfolio investments.

Working of Dividend Yield Calculator:

The dividend per share calculator can be utilized as:


  • Enter dividend per share
  • Enter the divided frequency
  • Enter share price per share
  • Hit the calculate button to find Dividend Yield 

You can calculate stock price of dividend by the dividend yield calculator and the output result reflects it.

  • Annual dividend per share 
  • Annual dividend yield


What Does the Dividend Yield Tell You?

The Dividend yield is a financial ratio that reflects the percentage a company is going to pay as a share price to its shareholders each year.
The Dividend yield is the prediction of a company’s future performance, if a company is able to reflect better dividend yield. Then its share price is going to increase in the future. Depending on the business environment, this may be seen as a positive sign for the investors.

How do you calculate monthly dividend yield?

Monthly dividend yield is simple: if a company is paying a quarterly dividend of $ 0.30 per share, then the monthly dividend equal to $ 0.10 per share. Calculating dividend yield by the dividend per share calculator is simple whether you are finding the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual dividend yield.

What is a good dividend yield?

In general dividend yield of 2 to 4 percent is considered as a strong dividend yield.But the financial analyst says when you are receiving dividend yield more than 4 %, it may be risky to invest as inventors may have to see more than the dividend yield. You need to calculate the dividend yield of various companies to find their financial health.

Does dividend yield a percentage?

The dividend yield is expressed as a percentage and represents the ratio of a company’s annual dividend compared to its share price. You are more likely to see the dividend yield quoted than the dividend rate because it tells you the most efficient way to earn a return.

The Bottom Line:

Many companies find dividend yield calculation a good indicator of another company’s health. The dividend yield is a measure of how high a company’s dividend is relative to its share price. When using the stock dividend yield calculator makes the decision simple, is it better to invest in a certain share or not.


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