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Dividend Yield Calculator

Dividend Yield Calculator

Dividends per Period:


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Our dividend yield calculator stock efficiently finds the dividend yield by the annual dividend per period and share price.

How Does This Annual Dividend Yield Calculator Work?

You can use the dividend per share calculator by following the below-mentioned steps:


  • Enter dividend per share
  • Enter the divided frequency
  • Enter share price per share
  • Hit the calculate button to find Dividend Yield 

You can calculate dividend yield following by the stock dividend yield calculator:

  • Annual dividend per share 
  • Annual dividend yield

What is Dividend Yield?

The dividend yield is expressed as a percentage and it is the financial ratio of annual dividend per share and the price we need to pay to purchase that share. The Dividend yield is the parameter which reflects a company’s performance in the marketplace. Calculating dividend yield becomes important against the share price to judge a company’s expected share price.

How to Calculate Dividend Yield?

You can calculate the dividend yield using the below-mentioned dividend yield formula formula:

Dividend Yield = [Annual Dividend Per Share/Price Per Share]*100

Citigroup’s Last Five Years Distribution of Dividend Yield

The dividend yield is one the most important measurements for the investors in a company and to purchase its stock for long term and short term investment purposes. Citigroup is one of the most reliable stock exchange companies and we are representing its 5 years distribution of Dividend yield.

Ex-Date Record Date Pay-Date Amount
29-Apr-22 02-May-22 27-May-22 $0.5100
04-Feb-22 07-Feb-22 25-Feb-22 $0.5100
29-Oct-21 01-Nov-21 24-Nov-21 $0.5100
30-July-21 02-Aug-21 27-Aug-21 $0.5100
30-Apr-21 03-May-21 28-May-21 $0.5100
29-Jan-21 01-Feb-21 26-Feb-21 $0.5100
30-Oct-20 02-Nov-20 25-Nov-20 $0.5100
31-Jul-20 03-Aug-20 28-Aug-20 $0.5100
01-May-20 04-May-20 22-May-20 $0.5100
31-Jan-20 03-Feb-20 28-Feb-20 $0.5100
01-Nov-19 04-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 $0.5100
02-Aug-19 05-Aug-19 23-Aug-19 $0.5100
03-May-19 06-May-19 24-May-19 $0.4500
01-Feb-19 04-Feb-19 22-Feb-19 $0.4500
02-Nov-18 05-Nov-18 21-Nov-18 $0.4500
03-Aug-18 06-Aug-18 24-Aug-18 $0.4500
04-May-18 07-May-18 25-May-18 $0.3200
02-Feb-18 05-Feb-18 23-Feb-18 $0.3200
03-Nov-17 06-Nov-17 22-Nov-17 $0.3200
03-Aug-17 07-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 $0.3200
27-Apr-17 01-May-17 26-May-17 $0.1600
02-Feb-17 06-Feb-17 24-Feb-17 $0.1600

Practical Example:

Consider the dividend per period is $ 1 and it is paid monthly to the investors, then what is the annual dividend? If the share price is $ 10, then how to find the dividend yield on this investment?

You can use the stock yield calculator to find the share price of a stock.


Annual Dividend Per Share = [Monthly Dividend Per Share/Price Per Share]

Annual Dividend Per Share = [1(12)/1]

Annual Dividend Per Share = $ 12

Dividend Yield = [Annual Dividend Per Share/Price Per Share]*100

Dividend Yield = [12/10]*100

Dividend Yield = 120 %

It is simple to calculate dividend rate by the calculated div yield calculator stock and to decide how to improve your portfolio investments.


What is a Good Dividend Yield?

In general dividend yield of 2 to 4 percent is considered as a strong dividend yield.But the financial analyst says when you are receiving dividend yield more than 4 %, it may be risky to invest.

What is Dividend Investing?

Dividend investing refers to getting dividends as the return rather than getting capital gain. It is one of the famous strategies to invest.

How is Dividend Yield Calculated Dividend?

We can say that dividend yield calculation is easy, but how? if a company is paying a quarterly dividend of $ 0.30 per share, then the monthly dividend equal to $ 0.10 per share. Calculating dividend yield by the dividend per share calculator is simple whether you are finding the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual dividend yield.


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