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Convert Megajoule to Joule (MJ to J)


megajoule (MJ)




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Do you have an idea about the conversions between megajoules (MJ) and joules (J)? If yes, then that’s really good, if you didn’t, then it’s time to give a try to the above-given converter. An online megajoule to joule converter works best to convert the number of megajoules (MJ) into its equivalent amount of joules (J).

Also, if manual conversions from megajoules to joules are your need, then simply account the given formula that helps you to solve these energy units’ conversion problems.

But, first, you should have a complete idea about the basic definitions of these units!

Megajoules (MJ):

Megajoule is referred to a unit of energy that is equivalent to 1 million joules (10^6 Joules), it is said to be as one of the multiples of Joule and is indicated by the symbol (MJ). Remember that 1 MJ is also equivalent to kinetic energy of a vehicle that moving at a speed of 99.42 mph, which considering the weight of vehicle is 1 metric ton. Joule is simply behaved as equivalent to 1 watt of power dissipated for 1 second, and that’s the reason why MJ is equal to 10^6 watt-sec.

Joules (J):

When you raise an apple up to a specific height of 1 meter (m), here only 1 joule of work approximately performed, so the joule is referred to as the unit of energy that is considered by the international standard of units (SI). It is simply stated as the amount of work done on a body by a 1 N (newton) force, which moves the body over a distance of 1 meter (m).

Read on!

  • 1 megajoule (MJ) is equal to 1000000 joules (J)
  • 1 joule (J) is equal to 0.000001 megajoules (MJ)

Megajoule to joule Formula:

The formula for MJ to J is:

J = megajoules x 1,000,000

How do you convert mega joules to joules (MJ to J)?

Convert with:

  • Online megajoule to joule converter
  • Formula (the below example helps you)

Example of conversions between megajoules and joules:

Problem: Convert 7 megajoules to joules?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • J = megajoules x 1,000,000

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • J = 7 x 1,000,000

Step 3 (Result):

  • 7000000 Joules

Means, megajoules (MJ) is equal to 7000000 joules (J)

Megajoules (MJ) to joules (J) conversion table: